4 Resources for the Savvy Gentleman

The world is filled with approximately 7.674 billion people. Of those people, there are approximately 3,892,016,000 men. Of that amount of men, there are many who self-identify as being gentlemen. A gentleman is a man who identifies as being chivalrous, courteous, or honorable. Being seen as a gentleman, in some cases, is a polite or formal way of referring to a man, while it’s also used to describe a man of good social position. People argue that a gentleman has to have a strong worth ethic and should take pride in their appearance and health. Their goal is to strive to do their best with every day. Such an individual is seen as being reliable, dedicated, self-disciplined, and humble in his everyday activities.

As the years have progressed, what’s entailed in maintaining this role of a gentleman changes. Social cues have changed, in addition to the many technological and medical advancements which we’ve all experienced. For example, in a certain time period, the quintessential man might have been someone who listened primarily to jazz music. That’s definitely changed now, as many other music genres are popular amongst men who identify as being gentlemen. However the criteria has changed within recent years, there are plenty of resources that a savvy gentleman can follow to maintain this title. Check out a few suggestions below.

1. The Quintessential Man

If you’re looking for a website that speaks to the quintessential man in many gentlemen, visit thequintessentialman website. This website provides a one-stop outlet for those men who are seeking out ways to look and live better lives. The Quintessential Man provides readers with a “garden of Eden” research experience for what it means to be a gentleman. They provide the tools needed to ensure that every person who identifies as a man lives their best lives.

This might include letting men know what’s hot in the style department. Maybe there’s a stylish watch that is available, which can accentuate any wardrobe to the fullest. Or maybe there’s a new critically acclaimed South Korean movie that you should be watching that features great actors like Jo Jung-suk and Gummy. How about utilizing the personal life hacks which can help you to live a better life? The Quintessential Man website does a great job of providing readers examples of how to be the best gentlemen that they can be.

2. Spotify

Keeping abreast of the latest musical offerings in our society is a way of maintaining a solid cultural standing as a gentleman. Though you don’t have to like everything that is being released nowadays, having an idea of what music is around is a great idea. You don’t have to go as deep as knowing the lyrics of the latest popular release track that’s floating around. One place which will help you to keep track of what’s happening musically is Spotify.

The music streaming service is not just your basic, random pop music service. The streaming service acts as a repository of music from many decades, giving a listener a wide variety of different titles to experience. You can build a library of music that caters to your specific desires, and you’ll never run out of things to listen to. The other great thing about Spotify is that the service will mix in music from more recent artists, allowing you to experience new music that you might not have been aware of. All of this combines into providing that quintessential man an opportunity to grow his cultural palate.

3. MyFitnessPal

Taking care of yourself is one way of hitting your quintessential man status. Exercising, eating right, and staying mentally sound all are needed if you want to live a long and healthy life as a gentleman. MyFitnessPal.com is a great resource for any gentleman seeking to live their life in the best way possible. This one-stop resource helps you to keep track of your fitness, weight loss, and eating goals. For the more health-related matters of being a gentleman, MyFitnessPal is a great resource.

4. CNN.com

If you’re a news-savvy gentleman, then CNN.com is a great place to visit. This one-stop news resource will keep you informed about everything that’s going on in our world. A gentleman should be well-informed about what’s happening in the news, and reputable outlets will ensure that this stays the case.