Outrageous Adult Birthday Party Ideas in Melbourne

Are you sick of all the traditional birthday party ideas? Do you want to surprise your friend with a party that is so crazy no one would even think about it? Or maybe you want to organise yourself a birthday celebration where you and your friends will definitely enjoy it? Lucky for you, we have listed down below eight unique birthday party ideas for adults — perfect for those who want to celebrate getting of age with something so outrageous.

Birthday Party Ideas for Adults (for 18 and Up!)

1.     Road Trip Birthday

Have you and your friends pack up three or more days worth of clothes and start driving down to places you want to visit. Drive around Melbourne’s most famous road trip routes like the Great Ocean Road. Visit the place’s most iconic spots and order from the best-rated restaurants. Travelling and experiencing new places is always a great way to celebrate a new chapter of your life.

2.     Hiking and Camping Party

If you are more of a wilderness adventurer type, then a hiking party would be a great alternative to a road trip. Climb up the mountain you always dreamed of hiking and bring your friends to share with all the fun and adventure. A few days in the outdoors with nature are good ways to unwind and restart before you face another year added to your life.

3.     Amazing Race-themed event

The Amazing Race is one of those shows most of us have dreamed of joining. Well, if you cannot audition, why not create your own Amazing Race-themed birthday party. Invite all of your friends and have them team-up. Put stations around your town where your friends have to look for clues to proceed and eventually reach the finish line. Challenges and questions can be something about you or your friend group. This might be more time-consuming and needs in-depth preparation.

4.     Bowling Party

If you are one that loves competition and bowling, then a party at a bowling alley would be perfect for your birthday. Bring beers and snacks that you can munch on while playing the game. It is a less crazy idea but something enjoyable for people who are into sports.

5.     Restaurant Party (with a twist)

A good old party at a restaurant never disappoints, but why not put a twist to it? If you are planning a birthday party for a friend that is just about to come of age, why not rent a restaurant with delicious Wagyu Beef and topless waitresses in Melbourne? This is undoubtedly an outrageous way to welcome someone to adult life.

6.     Bucketlist Party

Tick some boxes off of your bucket list on your birthday! Invite your friends to a day where you get to do two to three death-defying or life-changing activities like ride a helicopter, skydive or visit a safari.

7.     90s-themed Birthday

Experience a blast from the past with a 90s-themed party. Get all nostalgic with your friends by dressing up as if you are in the 1990s and play the most famous music during that time. Play some activities you used to enjoy and eat snacks that are now considered rare.

Any of these ideas will definitely make your birthday party so unforgettable you will be talking about it for years and years to come. Enough with the boring celebration and start planning an awesome party. Besides, you only reach a certain age, right?