THRILLCHASER Brings The Thrill To Us With Upcoming Single ‘Fantasy’

With summer looming and normal life peering on the horizon, it’s about time we found a suitable soundtrack for our sunny days. Well, I may have found it. THRILLCHASER (yes, caps every time) are offering up an alternative anthem to bring the vibes this Spring. Their upcoming single ‘Fantasy’ is the first release from the highly anticipated second album ‘It Was Always Gonna Be Like This’. The group is made up of Nicole Zell, Rob Lundy and Christopher Spousta; together they create a uniquely effervescent brand of electro-pop. This latest venture comes off the back of their diverse debut album ‘A Lot Like Love’. I truly love the vibe that pulses at the core of this record. Each of the ten tracks that make up this vibrant body of work boasts beautiful melodies, all swimming through a sea of stunning sonic detail. With such a strong track record behind them, it makes the upcoming release of their single ‘Fantasy’ all the more enticing.

‘Fantasy’ is three minutes of synth-soaked goodness. Oozing an 80’s flair, this track showcases the unique sound that secures THRILLCHASER’s place as a hot act to watch this year. Rob Lundy has sculpted a soundscape rich in synths that seem to swim through the speaker. Nicole’s vocals sail over the top, as she demonstrates the breadth of vocal and emotional range she has up her sleeve. Seriously, just skip to the final chorus and Nicole’s powerful pipes are top tier. Christopher’s drum line drives ‘Fantasy’ forward into the realms of a real throwback vibe. Paired with the intricate percussion that is sprinkled into the mix and ‘Fantasy’ boasts a dynamic drum line that demands you to dance. THRILLCHASER is elevating their airwaves with this upcoming single and I, for one, can’t get enough; this time, the thrill comes to us with the upcoming release of ‘Fantasy’.



By Sasha Lauryn