Joy generating trio, Moon Kissed, share “Clubbing In Your Bedroom” single + video

NYC-based synth-pop trio, Moon Kissed, is not a “girl band.” They are a force that, when creatively combined, creates a vortex of safety that can be physically and emotionally experienced through the joy of pure freedom, where it’s ok to be weird — in fact, it’s encouraged. Expression within the container of Moon Kissed culture looks like bravery, joy, body love, happy tears (and all kinds of tears/release) and full-body chills. Today, they release their new single and video, “Clubbing In Your Bedroom,” which embodies all of that energy that they are known for at their live shows, even from quarantine.

The song was written and produced by Khaya Cohen and Emily Sgouros after a late night of clubbing in Emily’s bedroom. It was mixed and mastered by Justin Van Der Volgen and the music video was edited by Leah Scarpati. On the song itself, Khaya says:

“’Clubbing In Your Bedroom,” is an invitation to get dressed up for no one and nothing and to move your body in order to heal. The song was written in an attempt for salvation and levity amidst pandemic despair. We miss playing live, we miss our friends, we miss touch. But, “Clubbing In Your Bedroom” celebrates the fact that we still have the power and ability to let it all go, even for just one song, and we can and should dance in our bedrooms and be free for a brief moment in time.”