Areas With Most Valuable Commercial Properties in Dubai

Do fancy commercial properties in Dubai? It is very promising. It is a lucky moment. Reasons are simple. MyBayut researches commercial properties. It lists such Dubai areas that have the brightest prospects. The meaning of brightest prospects is simple. It is where property sale & purchase is:

  1. Frequent
  2. Profitable
  3. Business promoting
  4. Safe
  5. Easy
  6. Smooth
  7. Law of the land supports here
  8. Well documented
  9. likewise

Besides, publicizes its findings as well. This passage carries those findings. Two factors are quite encouraging:

  1. Introducing 10-year valid UA visas
  2. Changes in ownership laws

Experts see these changes promoting property. They foresee a boost here. Boost will assit sales particularly. The reason is simple. More businesses will try luck. Information about the best locations becomes valuable. It helps encashing Dubai atmosphere to make money. Following lines pen some areas. These areas get the highest commercial property demand.

List of the Most Suitable Commercial Venues in Dubai makes this list. It uses visitors’ data. The User searches of commercial properties create this data. 35% searches place Business Bay atop. The Jumeirah Lake Towers earns the second place. It gets 30% of searches. 25% of searches advises to put Jebel Ali on 3rd place. puts International City in the fourth place. Its reason is 20% searches. It is the fourth highest data. Dubai Marina gets the least attention. Percentage scale sees it 5%, the lowest. It comes the last. It gets the 5th place. Commercial properties serve:

  1. Shop and showroom
  2. Office
  3. Warehouse
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Buy and selling of properties
  6. Renting of properties
  7. Likewise moneymaking purposes

Business Bay is the Top Choice awards the top slot to Business Bay in sale & purchase and renting categories. It shines as the most popular choice. The cosmopolitan tinge is one feature. Fast-pace routine follows the cosmopolitan feature. It is well connected too. Areas, such as:

Sheikh Zayed Road


Al Safa


are at a stone’s throw.

Another factor adds to its value. It is about frequent travellers. Especially, who journey for business ends. It is the nearness of Dubai International Airport. This nearness eases air travelling.  Accessing airport takes 15 minutes. The Business Bay has a Metro station. It is its own. Its name is Business Bay. Both hiring a taxi and travelling by bus are easy. These suggest another quality. Accessibility is easy here.

These elevate the commercial value. Consequently, becomes popular.  Business Bay has various commercial properties. These suit:

  1. Office spaces
  2. Commercial floors
  3. Shops for sale
  4. Bulk units

requirements quite well.

Besides, Business Bay includes a residential area. It is a great place. Living is fun here. Selling and renting opportunities exist here.

Jumeirah Lake Towers Presents the Second Most Valuable Commercial Property in Dubai

Jumeirah Lake Towers catches attention once again. The reason is typical. It is the commercial value. For businesspeople, there is a wide variety. It adds value even further. Office renting is quite popular. Office renting puts Jumeirah Lake Towers in the second place. JLT is its abbreviation here. There is another important attraction. It is a Free Zone too. The JLT Free Zone factor contributes the maximum commercial value to JLT. There are various markets. This variety attracts a greater footfall. It benefits businesses there. JLT provides one more convenience. It is its residential facility. These features shrink one useless fact. It is travelling to workplaces. Productivity suffers during travelling. JLT residential units:

  1. Shrinks the inconvenience
  2. Increases the productivity
  3. Grooms the lifestyle and likewise

Furthermore, JLT areas ease life. Self-sufficiency helps JLT here. Self-sufficiency contributors are:

  1. A Metro station
  2. Supermarkets
  3. Banks
  4. ATM

These are abundantly available.

Jebel Ali has The Third Most Valuable Commercial Area

This locality too promotes businesses. However, some profit-making activities benefit even more. These are:

  1. Trading concerns
  2. Business facilitating logistics
  3. Entities at home in manufacturing

These businesses increase profitability. The monetary appreciation of investment grows. Dubai houses Jebel Ali on its southern outskirts. Data presents Jebel Ali as the:

  1. One largest commercial port
  2. One largest business hub

of Dubai. Besides, Jebel Ali Free Zone is its next jewel. Over 7,000 firms are making money there. Their business types are different. Main domains are:

  1. Industry
  2. Service providing

Jebel Ali houses a port. Such is business volume in Jebel Ali Port that Middle stamps it the busiest port. Business hustle bustle demonstrates variety. The variety in commercial properties serves:

  1. Labour camps
  2. Warehouses
  3. Commercial plots
  4. Factories
  5. Industrial plots

and likewise needs. It also suggests one thing. Property selling and renting in Jebel Ali is in full swing.

The value of International City’s Commercial Property Earns it the Fourth Position

Regarding affordable housing in Dubai, International City sounds appropriate. Affordable residence is International City’s hallmark. It is one UAE’s popular housing choice. The residential plan provides building in ten clusters. These are christened after countries. These are self-contained neighbourhoods. All necessities are available here. Its lifestyle is easy. Comparison with:

  1. Business Bay
  2. Jumeirah Lake Towers
  3. Jebel Ali

supports the aforesaid claim.

International City proffers ideal investment opportunities. There are many factors. Two amongst those are:

  1. Ras Al Khor Industrial Areas is adjacent. It supports business activities.
  2. Nearby Affordable accommodation can shrink travelling, a non-productive notion. Businesses are bound to flourish.

Dubai Marina makes Another Popular choice for Commercial Properties

Commercial properties here present good return. Dubai Marina appears in the top-five category. It is the fifth popular choice. The upscale neighbourhood of Dubai Marina is available. The residential complex in Dubai Marina is worth mentioning here. Various leisure activities add glitter to gold. Besides, commercial activities rock it. The Riviera lifestyle blends uniqueness in Dubai Marina. It is an exotic experience for:

  • Businessmen interested in offices with views.
  • Waterfront views here are stunning.

The fact of being:

  1. The most popular residence destination
  2. The most loved leisure destination
  3. Strategically located
  4. Easily accessible from business districts. Some fine examples are:
    1. Dubai Medina City
    2. Dubai Internet City
    3. JAFZA, in Jebel Ali
    4. Jumeirah Lake Towers

The above is a summary of what thinks are profiting giving commercial estates. These tips help relevant people. First-Time buyer and tenants benefit the most. You can leave:

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