Make Your First Date One to Remember with These Simple Tips

Now that things are starting to get back to normal, you may be eager to put yourself out there and start dating again. Fortunately, modern technology and dating apps have made it easy to meet new people. Whether you’re dating in person or on zoom, however, things start to feel monotonous after a while.

If you’re looking for a way to break out of your dating slump and make it to that coveted second date, you have to make your first date memorable. Here are 6 simple tips to boost your success in the dating field and to put you one step closer to finding your special someone.

1. Choose the perfect location.

Location is everything when it comes to a first date. If you’re the one making the suggestion, choose something fun and interesting. If you’re lazy about choosing a location, your date may be disappointed and that’s not a good way to start a first date. Take what you’ve learned about your date in conversation to choose something you think they’d like. Activities are always a good choice, so consider options like a nature walk, playing mini golf, or visiting an art exhibit.

2. Keep the conversation light and interesting.

Small talk can be awkward, especially when you’re meeting someone for the first time. Before the date, take the time to brainstorm a few topics the two of you could talk about. If you’ve been chatting for a while prior to your meetup, take some of the details you’ve learned about your date and bring them up in conversation. And remember, a little laughter goes a long way but be careful about poking fun at your date. A little self-deprecation, on the other hand, can be endearing if you don’t take it too far.

3. Be an active listener and give compliments.

People love to talk about themselves, so give your date the opportunity to do so. Try to ask questions other than the generic “getting to know you” questions – they can get pretty repetitive if you’ve already been on a few first dates. Find out what your date is passionate about and encourage them to talk about it. Be an active listener but don’t interrupt. The first date is also a great time to give compliments – to let your date know you feel a connection. Be specific with your compliments. Tell your date they look good in their outfit or you like the way they style their hair.

4. Make an effort to look your best.

Even if you’ve chatted with your date online or done a video call, a first in-person date is your only chance to really make a first impression. Prioritize your personal hygiene and consider getting a fresh haircut before the date to clean things up. It doesn’t hurt to stick to a daily skincare routine in the week leading up to the date either. If you have insecurities about acne breakouts or thinning hair, talk to your doctor or dermatologist to discuss treatment options.

5. Wear an outfit you feel comfortable and confident in.

Everyone wants to look their best for a first date, but when it comes to choosing an outfit it’s important to be comfortable and confident. Choose an outfit that says something about you or showcases your personality. A statement piece such as a favorite blazer or a fun pair of shoes can help you stand out – just make sure you choose an outfit appropriate for the location. Remember as well that details matter, so take the extra minute to use a lint roller and think about accessories like a jewelry or cologne.

6. Don’t put too much pressure on the date.

Going on a first date is exciting and it’s important to be optimistic going into it. That being said, don’t put too much pressure on yourself or on your date. Go into the date without expectations other than having a pleasant time getting to know someone new. Be yourself and be honest with your date – you don’t necessarily need to recant your entire life’s story but give your date a chance to see and get to know the real you. Ask questions and stay engaged in the experience to get a feel for how well you and your date get along and whether you sense any chemistry starting to develop.

Dating is meant to be exciting but going on a first date is always a little nerve-wracking. Do yourself and your date a favor by putting in a little extra effort when it comes to the planning and execution of your first date. Dress to impress and put your best foot forward so you and your date get an accurate impression of each other. If you’re lucky, you may just make it to a second date!