Fredo Viola Blurs Genre Boundaries With Outstanding Album ‘My New Head’

Fredo Viola is perhaps one of the most intriguing artists to come onto my radar of late. His sound is innovative, imaginative and (as an aspiring musician myself) pretty inspiring. Whilst citing influences in the realms of Kate Bush, White Noise and Benjamin Britten, Fredo’s musical magic lies in the “strong focus on emotional catharsis”. If his upcoming release is anything to go by, Fredo Viola provides just that. Being released on the 9th of April, his upcoming release ‘My New Head’ is a formidable feat of production rooted in the psychedelic and experimental realms. This is an effortless audio evolution for Fredo Viola as it comes off of the back of two sensational singles released earlier this year. His debut album alone received multiple awards, including the #2 album from leading French magazine Les Inrocks. So, it’s not surprising Fredo’s latest body of work is as cutting edge as ever as Fredo joins and expands on a canon of inventive artists breaking archaic genre boundaries with groundbreaking bodies of work.

‘My New Head’ is the astounding album infiltrating our airwaves this year. Intended to be heard as a through-composed body of work, ‘My New Head’ is comprised of two sides — yes, Fredo Viola is making old school cool. Fredo’s effortless fusion of experimental energies with outstanding orchestral notions seamlessly sculpt soundscapes swimming in interesting, inventive movements. Sailing over these diverse sonic landscapes is Fredo’s vocals — and what vibrant vocals they are. His unique tone melts over the eclectic flowerbed of instruments, allowing Fredo’s mesmerising melodies to blossom into abundance above. Toeing the line between intimacy and power with captivating command, Fredo Viola’s astounding artistry is evident throughout the twelve tantalising tracks that make up ‘My New Head’. The more electronic Side One boasts the beautiful single ‘Clouded Mirror’. This stunning song nods its hat to the world of sonic arts, as the powerful percussion lines provide a sonic landscape rich with interesting textures and vast frequencies. ‘In My Mouth’ is a heavenly highlight from Side Two, as the simplicity of a piano ballad is swiftly metamorphosed through Fredo intricate musical innovation. If there’s one thing you can expect from Fredo, it’s the unexpected. ‘My New Head’ is unwaveringly adventurous, bold and genre-blurring and I, for one, can’t get enough. With its release on the 9th of April, ‘My New Head’ is setting out to elevate our airwaves as Fredo Viola’s most fully realised body of work to date is released into the world. Trust me, these tracks will be the new songs stuck in your head in no time.

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By Sasha Lauryn