Drawing Arrows Release Epic Debut EP ‘Rojo’

Of late, there has seemed to be an onslaught of new wave rock taking over, yet a new band is setting out to school us all on the timeless roots of the rock realms. Drawing Arrows are the upcoming alt-rock outfit relishing in the real roots of rock. With their recently released EP ‘Rojo,’ you’ll be relishing too. Drawing Arrows have exploded into our airwaves this year with this electrifying debut EP. A self-professed ‘love letter to rock music,’ Drawing Arrows are making waves with their phenomenal fusion of rock, grunge and punk. With band members spanning from Spain to the UK and Australia, this formidable five-piece is taking over the alt-rock territory with their effortless fusion of influences. Whilst vocalist Sidney and guitarist David have previously lent their hands to experimental dubstep project Milo Firewater and drummer Haydn honing his craft in a host of jazz outfits, it’s evident that Drawing Arrows are expanding the alt-rock arena with a deeply diverse sound.

‘Rojo’ is the effortlessly energetic EP dominating our daily soundtracks this year. Made up of three tantalising tracks, ‘Rojo’ may be short, but boy is it sweet. The record kicks off with the up-tempo rock and roll anthem ‘No Remedy’. This song is swimming in grunge guitar sections, whilst Sidney’s vibrant vocals stand centre stage. ‘Siren’ is the sensational song to follow on. With a Led Zeppelin feel, at this track’s core is incredibly inventive artistry. Striking guitars soar over a soundscape of dynamic drum breaks and intricate bouncing bass lines. Propelling this track to places unknown is Sidney’s powerful performance prowess, as he showcases the outstanding vocal and emotional range he has up his sleeve. ‘Genius’ concludes ‘Rojo’ with more upbeat vibes, allowing a rock groove to reign free and fuel the fire of Drawing Arrow’s sound. It’s evident that ‘Rojo’ is just the beginning of this formidable five-piece. Drawing Arrows are on a mission this year for a rock revolution, and it’s clear from their powerfully polished debut when Drawing Arrows have a target, they just can’t miss.

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By Sasha Lauryn