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MASON HILL “D.N.A.” Music Video

“D.N.A.” is the third single off the band’s chart dominating debut album, ‘Against The Wall.’

DJ Hard Hitta “King Of The Vibe”

ELDER ISLAND explores how chemical biology governs our emotions in psychedelic “Sacred” video

Today indie electronic trio ELDER ISLAND releases the “Sacred” music video created through the process of polarized light microscopy. The video was directed by Jordan Martin (Fontaines DC, IDLES, Heavy Lungs, Two Door Cinema Club) and explores how chemical biology governs our emotions in a kaleidoscope of psychedelic visuals effects.

Eydís Evensen shares lullaby-like “Midnight Moon”

Icelandic pianist and post-classical composer EYDÍS EVENSEN has confirmed details of her debut album, BYLUR, which will be released on April 23rd via XXIM Records, Sony’s new imprint for innovative, post-genre instrumental music. The collection follows the 27-year-old’s debut single, ‘Brotin’ – the label’s first official release, which appeared at the end of January – and features thirteen pieces written throughout her life so far for piano, with additional strings, brass and electronics on a number of tracks. It will be available here as a CD and download, as well as from all streaming platforms.

Skope video submission: I-K-E, “Yo Soy Un Rey”. Latin emcee/producer represents

“‘Yo Soy Un Rey’ means ‘I am a king’ in Spanish,” I-K-E says when asked about the new track. “As Latinos in America, we’ve experienced our share of oppression, racism, and marginalization, and this can crush the spirit and cause us to see ourselves as less than we really are. I wrote this song to empower myself and others, Latino or not, who have been slighted by the current social structure.”

Gorje Hewek Releases Debut LP, ‘Collages’, on All Day I Dream

The time has come for Gorje Hewek to show the world his most ambitious piece of art. ‘Collages,’ his first ever album, lands today on All Day I Dream, weaving in and out of ethereal soundscapes and imprinted with worldly influences he’s picked up over his long years as a musicmaker.

Logistic Records Announces New Album From Kool Keith | “Keith’s Salon” Out June 4, 2021

Written with a libidinal urgency that has come to characterize Kool Keith’s legendary lyricism, Keith’s Salon explores our current obsessions with luxury, beauty, and notoriety. But rather than fetishize the beautiful dum-dums who walk red carpets in black Prada gowns, Kool Keith’s most recent studio album shifts our attention to the work and workers that underpin our fantasies of American excess and the good life. As such, the album is also a timely meditation, during quarantine, on the economic precarity many of us now find ourselves in. Having teamed up with Triple Parked, the production duo of avant-techno maven Bruno Pronsato and Benjamin Jay Keith’s Salon moves between halcyon sonics and atonal warlord dystopia, while keeping beats minimal for Kool Keith to spread extra ketchup on the hamburger. An album at once topical and futuristic, lush and bizarre, Keith’s Salon is about the business of making people beautiful. It’s time to work. The album (vinyl, CD, digital) is set for release on June 4, 2021 on Logistic Records, with three singles dropping prior to the launch date.

Ravenfangs debut single Sick Of The Blue

Frustrated with the reality of our world, lost between a dire pandemic scenario and a hostile political climate, Ravenfangs haven’t wasted any time complaining. Instead, the four-piece band engaged their musical talent as an artistic output. Inspired by the rebellious sound of the 90s (Nirvana, Libertines, Placebo) and rock legends of the past (Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa, The Clash), they’ve created three-dimensional music, balanced between poignant guitar tones and unapologetic power drums, topped by close-knit, dense vocals.

Saudi Arabian Proggers Songs of Petrichor New Music Video “Nomad”

Progressive grunge rock trio Songs of Petrichor released their debut single “Nomad” this past March in preview to their self-titled album coming November 2021 via Sound of Wall Records.

Today, the band is sharing the music video for the track, shot in the desert sands of their home country of Saudi Arabia.

Tiger Kid – New Video “Ever On”

Tiger Kid is back with the follow-up to his cover of “Square Hammer” by Ghost with the video for his catchy melodic rock song, “Ever On” out on April 16, 2021. Tiger Kid is the Los Angeles-based solo project and the brainchild of vocalist/instrumentalist Michael Canton.

CAROUSEL, An AOR/Melodic Rock band (Championed by Metal Edge Magazine), release ‘Round & Round’ via FnA Records

Carousel (originally known as Sky High) formed in the fall of 1989 when guitarist Matt Clark placed an ad in the Austin Chronicle” seeking musicians to form a hard rock project. Fellow musician guitarist Louie Beltran was the first to join and the two bonded over their love for White Lion and Dokken. The band was quickly rounded out adding Steve Miller on Drums, and Robert Ferebee on bass and lead vocals. They named the band Sky High and started writing songs and performing out live at clubs all across Texas.

Carousel quickly entered Austin Recording Studios (A.R.S.) and recoded their first 3 song demo. The Demo was so good that Metal Edge Magazine put the band in their magazine in the “Rock On The Rise” section; a very coveted placement. The band started playing festivals like the New South Music Festival in Atlanta and SXSW (1991). While at SXSW, unbeknownst to the band, there was another band from Sweden called Sky High. A few days later, and after the threat of legal action, the band changed their name to Carousel.


A brand new track with all the sky-high ambitions that its title may promise, the South Wales band return with an anthemic cut that heralds both a new partnership with Cardiff-based label Phwoar & Peace, plus a fresh batch of material planned for release throughout 2021.

Bearing all the hallmarks of classic Broken Fires whilst packing a beatific indie-rock punch akin to Dinosaur Jr, Manchester Orchestra or The Hold Steady, the new single from the Swansea trio finds them dreaming BIG…

out today: TIDES OF KHARON (Ca) “Titanomachy” @ melodic death metal

Canada’s Tides Of Kharon wage war with their sophomore release, Titanomachy. This pounding interpretation of melodic death metal captivates the listener from the first drop of the proverbial needle.

Throughout Titanomachy, a concept is revealed of a decade-long battle; a battle to determine the rulers of the future. Who will win the reigns of the universe when the last drop of blood is spilled? The answer lies within the soundscape of this record, bursting with catchy melodies, impellent drums and bone-chilling vocals.

Simon Lam (Kllo) announces Armlock (Solitaire Recordings ffo Alex G, Big Thief) | Shares first single & announces full release

We’re today announcing their debut release, Trust – out June 2 via Solitaire Recordings (Little Kid, Common Holly) – with this first single “Power of a Waterfall”. The track comes as a great intro to the forthcoming release which, on the whole, explores the trials felt in personal growth, from resentment to submission and complacency; more specifically, this single deals with the disappointment in the uninspiring, mundane expectations of masculinity. Musically it works in a similar way to early Car Seat Headrest, Alex G’s DSU and Big Thief’s U.F.O.F, making use of the empty spaces and packing them with bags of emotion. It’s quietly powerful, layering sounds and building these gorgeous walls of sonic sentimentality.

Century Egg (Lido Pimienta, ffo Sheer Mag, Chk Chk Chk) | Sign to Forward Music Group & announce new EP with first single

Briefly speaking, this new EP is a pretty succinct encapsulation of the band’s sound and aesthetic, a collection of six dance-punk nuggets from the group who are have recruited a new rhythm section for this release – Meg Yoshida of Not You and Matty Grace of Cluttered/Future Girls – giving it an overall harder-hitting sound. It takes all the colourful noises from their earlier EP, We Can Play and ups the ante a little, finding this mesmerising mix of Stooges energy, Thin Lizzy guitar and pummelling percussion somewhat reminiscent of The Go! Team, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and !!! (Chk Chk Chk). The band members pride themselves on being escape artists and this notion is embedded in their bright make-up (see the press release), eccentric videos, and ability to hopscotch between genres with singer, Shane Keyu Song also switching between Chinese and English. This first single “Do You Want To Dance?” acts as a great intro to the band’s new sound.

Watch: New video for ‘Anything Could Happen’ from alternative hip-hop crossover star Dylan Cartlidge

The new animated video for ‘Anything Could Happen’ is created by Brendan Huza (creator of animated videos for Alanis Morisette, Aretha Franklin and Grouplove.) and sees Dylan navigating his way through the trials of the day as he comes across hilarious and fun references close to his heart including characters from Horror films, the video game Habbo Hotel as well as the classic arcade game, Frogger. The video plays on themes from the upbeat and positive track which includes; fighting the everyday, finding strength on dark days and waking up and taking on whatever life throws at you, but doing so in a joyful, laugh out loud way.

London based indie-rocker ATTAWALPA releases new single “Please Take Care”

London based indie newcomer Attawalpa today releases new single “Please Take Care”, accompanied by a moving video directed by Emma Chitty. The new track is lifted from Attawalpa’s upcoming ‘Patterns’ EP, out July 2nd.

Following recent live slots with the likes of Malady and Bamily at Spotlight Festival at London’s Moth Club, Attawalpa returns today with a potent indie-ballad rooted in self-examination. Nestled within smoky atmospherics, soft acoustic guitars and soaring choral motifs is a stark and wholly relatable sentiment, with Misty Miller providing backing vocals on the track.


“Purple got its name due to me listening to ‘The Beautiful Ones’ by Prince a loooot during the time I made it. The producer – Elijah Cruz – was actually a friend of a friend and had no idea what kind of style I was into or looking for at the time so them sending *that* beat while I was on a Prince kick was damn near divine timing. The song itself is about being with someone and knowing they’re only sticking around to avoid hurting you. It’s a bittersweet experience cause even though it hurts, you still have them around. But in the same way, letting them go is just as bittersweet. I’m excited to put out Purple because it holds a lot of the more alternative elements I hope to present as an artist from this point forward.”

Berry Galazka shares alt-pop rap cut ‘Marisa’

Polish American alternative newcomer Berry Galazka follows her explosive debut with the refreshingly zany ‘Marisa’, announcing her debut EP ‘Man Can’t Hang, Ain’t Part of the Gang’ via Sweat Entertainment out 7th May.

Once a shy and retiring kindergartener, Berry switched her plans for becoming an artist and started her career in music at the age of 17. Brought up in a Polish home, with her mother raising her on reggae and polka, she very quickly developed her own unique sound.

Canadian Rocker ETHAN FLYNN Explores Human Connection with “Reflection”

Canadian rock singer/songwriter Ethan Flynn steps to a mirrored surface to examine the varying depths of human connection in relation to oneself in this, his new single “Reflection” — available now.

A fitting preview into the Maple, Ontario-based artist’s forthcoming album, The Pumpkin Club, this contemplative and captivating new single steadily carries listeners through a robust stream of sound.


Dey Street Books, an imprint of the William Morrow Group at HarperCollins, announced today that they will publish THE STORYTELLER by Grammy-winning musician, documentary filmmaker, and fledgling author Dave Grohl. Dey Street VP and Editorial Director Carrie Thornton negotiated the deal with WME. Grohl is managed by Silva Artist Management. The book will go on sale October 5, 2021 and will also be published in UK & Commonwealth (Simon & Schuster), Finland (Bazar), Germany (Ullstein), Holland (A.W. Bruna), and Italy (Rizzoli).

Rising R&B Singer-Songwriter MIYA GUGGS Scores Her First TOP 30 Billboard R&B Single

“SITUATIONSHIPS” (music video) recently made its world premiere on ThisIsRnB.com to rave reviews. The ballad was written by Miya Guggs and produced by (ProdRicci). “The song tells the story of a person trying to manage emotions and expectations in a relationship,” mentions Miya. “I was on Twitter one day and one of the topics that was really trending was situationships, and I was like I can talk about that because I’ve experienced that,” she recalls. “So I kind of put my little take on it – my little two cents and it became something really cool.”


Acclaimed Scottish Singer-Songwriter ONR Drops Brand New Single “It Gets To A Point”

Following up recent collaborations with Phantogram’s Sarah Barthel and the legendary Nile Rodgers, ONR surfaces with an anthemic, synth-driven soundtrack littered with tight percussions and powerful trademark vocals – accompanied by a set of scintillating visuals.

NTO teams up with Sofiane Pamart for piano version of ‘Invisible’

“This collaboration came from a desire to go further with Invisible and explore multiples versions,” says NTO. “I wanted the core of this track to be supported by one main instrument. As I truly admire Sofiane Pamart’s work, it was obvious I had to ask him to make an alternative version, where he could tell his story of Invisible, at the crossroads of our two universes.”