Top 3 Things To Know Before Growing A Cannabis Plant

Since the legalization of cannabis in many states of the US, the use of weed has increased more than ever. People are turning to weed not only for recreational use but medicinal as well, which speaks volumes of its significance these days.

In such times when cannabis is highly demanded by the masses, the one thing that is being talked about now is how to grow cannabis at home.

Having your own cannabis production can be highly beneficial in a number of ways. You would not only have an immediate and continuous supply but there will also be no need to immerse yourself in an intensive search of finding a legal weed dealer. You just have to sow the seed, take care of it, and then sit back and wait for the harvest time.

While this may sound like an easy peasy task, which is true to some extent in comparison to getting the pot from elsewhere, there are still many considerations that go into making a good cannabis crop. So, let’s dive into the details without further ado.

Know The Basics

Growing cannabis sure sounds exciting and fun, but if you are not aware of the basics then you are in for a huge disaster. Know everything there is to know about the cannabis plant, from its anatomy to the different types that are mainly sold in the market.

Knowing the three main types of cannabis, indica, ruderalis, and sativa, is really important because each one differs in its effect.

It is also essential to know about the life cycle of the cannabis plant so that you know exactly how to look after it in each of its phases. There are three main phases; seedling, vegetation, and flowering. Gain an understanding of them, and you are sure to have a good crop.

The Right Growing Method

Before you decide to sow the seeds, look into the various growing methods there are for the cannabis plant. While there is no right and wrong method, you only have to pick one which offers you suitable results. [Many growers use indoor LED grow lights to make sure the full spectrum of light required is available no matter the lighting conditions in the space. You can discover more options at Agron for LED grow lights and other necessary equipment.

Generally, growers either use the soil method or the non-soil method. While the soil method is your traditional way of growing plants in soil, the other method goes by the name of hydroponic gardening; in which using an automated cabinet is the best way to go!

Choose The Right Space

Most people dive into the process of growing plants without paying much attention to the growing space. This is by far the biggest mistake a grower could ever make in the course of growing cannabis or any plant for that matter.

Essentially, there are two ways to go while deciding the space for your plant; indoor and outdoor. Both have to offer pros as well as cons. Where the indoor method is more expensive, the outdoor method is risky in terms of climatic change and less human control.

So weigh in your option carefully, and see which space will be more suitable for you and only then make any final decision.