Things you need to know about dental implants

Losing one or more teeth, is a situation that can generate, in addition to oral problems, a great impact on the patient’s self-esteem and self-confidence. To prevent these situations from happening, the First Class Dental Care offers several dental implants that offer excellent results.

But, after all, which type to choose? This guide will help you clear up all your doubts on the subject and discuss and abort the myths about dental implantation. Are you interested? So, read on!

What is a dental implant?

The dental implant is a solution to replace one or more missing teeth due to cavities, gum disease, trauma and other problems. It allows restoring natural teeth functions, improving chewing, speech, and smile aesthetics, which also contributes to the patient’s self-esteem.

The technique is performed by attaching a titanium pin to the maxillary or mandibular bone. This pin acts as the root of the tooth and acts as a support base for dentures – artificial resin or porcelain teeth that replace missing teeth. Because they are threaded and remain firm, implant prostheses are safer than removable prostheses, for example.

Why is it necessary?

The dental implant is not a purely aesthetic solution. Despite significantly improving the patient’s self-esteem, this alternative is also positive due to several functional issues, such as improved speech and chewing.

Also, when a tooth loss occurs, the patient may suffer from maladjustment in the bite because the teeth next to them tend to move into space, resulting in the loss of more teeth and TMJ problems.

How is the procedure done?

Implant placement is a surgical procedure, so a dental surgeon such as dental implants Smyrna GA surgeon should only perform it.

The first step is complete mouth cleaning, and then local anesthesia is applied to the area.

To perform the procedure, the dental surgeon cuts the gum to reach the dental arch’s location. Through this cut, he accesses the bone that will act as the base of the implant.

A small perforation is made in the bone using a specific tool so that the titanium pin is inserted until it is substantial. At the end of the surgery, when necessary, the gingival region is sutured.

Does implant surgery hurt?

In general, implant placement is not a painful process. The most sensitive part, which could suffer from the procedure, would be the gum. However, this region remains anaesthetized throughout the surgery. The bone in which the hole is made has very few innervations, which results in a practically pain-free process.

Still, the surgeon can prescribe an anti-inflammatory injection two hours before surgery and medicate the patient with painkillers and antibiotics in the post-surgical period.