Introducing: Varley & indie-pop Bubble Up

Born from self-doubt and the anxiety of new challenges, Bubble Up is a gorgeous response to emotional turmoil. Indie-pop at its finest, flawless vocals meet addictive melodies to create an anthemic offering for overthinkers everywhere.

Sharing more on the track, singer Claire-Ann explained;

“The bones of Bubble Up” was written on the first day of my new job. Totally overwhelmed and embarrassed after being given out to. Public humiliation = my worst nightmare. I’m quite happy to fade into the background (ironic, I know!) I told my new work colleagues that I was going for a break but in reality I sat in the bathroom, upset and started to hum a melody. Sometimes I find it hard to slow down my thoughts or turn off the inner dialogue. I guess „Bubble Up” is that feeling of the pressure rising and not knowing how to keep it together and wishing you weren’t like this.”

Photo credit: Jen Krause