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Enough is enough! Punk-duo Generation split?

Thrilling egomania throws blades at tight the family ties of irrepressible Liverpool punk duo, Generation, in the video for their amplifier-smoking track, 21st Century Woman. Even wilder than their reputation has come to suggest, the short film finds the hot-headed Carne Brothers at odds and throwing shade at the excess and petulance found in the entertainment business.

Pushed to the very edges of decency, as is their tendency, Generation throw each other into a performance as committed as their much-missed live shows, casting snake-hipped, razor-jawed front man, Dean Carne into the role of hopeless prima donna. With his rattle permanently out of the pram, his co-conspirator, James Carne, struggles to keep his cool.

Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez – Hypnotic Jazz Single – “Better For You”

Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez is a singer/composer based in Brooklyn, New York. Born into a family of musicians, music was Raina’s first language and it runs deep within her veins. Rooted in Jazz and R&B, the songwriter invites us into her unique sonic world with harmonic nuance and lyrical poetry.

Raina’s cross-genre style is built from the bottom up. With improvisation as a starting point for her songs, Raina draws on her emotionality and leans into her perception of the world around, uncovering hidden depths within daily life and articulating personal truth with vulnerability and bravery. Songwriting is her way of processing and understanding life in all its complexity.

UK Electronic Act Union of Knives Release New Single and Video “Like Butterflies” From Forthcoming Album “Endless from the Start” – June 4 via Disco Piñata

Scottish electronic act Union of Knives release their new single, “Like Butterflies,” from their forthcoming sophomore LP Endless from the Start. “Like Butterflies” follows the release of “A Tall Tale,” one of two collaborations on the album featuring Ladytron’s Helen Marnie. Built on a funky backbeat, “Like Butterflies” is a block-rocking track that unfurls like an anthem packed with complex polyrhythms set against a dark atmospheric backdrop.

Robert Walter ‘Spirit Of ’70’ To Be Reissued

Robert Walter has announced his long out-of-print 1996 debut album ‘Spirit of ’70’ will be reissued May 7 on limited edition 180-gram, purple smoke vinyl and digital formats via RPF Records. Pre-order begins today exclusively on Bandcamp. At the time of its recording, the eight-track LP, that JazzTimes called “can’t miss funk,” was the second edition in a planned series of solo albums by individual members of The Greyboy Allstars—the band Walter co-founded, and 27 years later continues to play keys, alongside saxophonist Karl Denson, guitarist Elgin Park, bassist Chris Stillwell and drummer Zak Najor. The concept for the solo recordings was to emulate the rotating personnel of the Blue Note and Prestige labels where a core cast of musicians would take turns as a leader, while drawing on the others as sidemen. The idea was further expanded by inviting a guest from the previous generation that had been influential to The Greyboy Allstars’ sound to record with them. For ‘Spirit Of ’70,’ legendary saxophonist Gary Bartz joined the line-up.

6 Dogs’ Family Shares “Beach House”

Gone far too soon, Ronald Chase Amick made an enormous impact during his short time on Earth through his loving personality and the music he recorded as 6 Dogs. Today, 6 Dogs’ team shares “Beach House,” the lead single from the tragically departed artist’s upcoming album RONALD. Animated by a simple urge to see the ocean and breathe its salty air, “Beach House” was recorded while Chase was cooped up in his house during the pandemic–anathema to someone who got so much energy from spending time in nature. Wielding an understated flow over rubbery bass, thumping 808s, and hypnotic synth arpeggios, Chase and guest rapper RIZ LA VIE, a rising indie artist and a close friend of Chase’s, express their sincere desire to gather with their friends in a big house beside the sea. “Beach House” was Chase’s favorite song from the project.


Alan Doyle, Canadian national treasure and unofficial ambassador of Newfoundland’s rich musical traditions, will release a new EP, Back to the Harbour – a collection of songs to celebrate his love of folk music – on May 21. The album was produced by Joel Plaskett at The New Scotland Yard in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Featured alongside Doyle on the album are Kendel Carson and Cory Tetford from his touring band, along with Plaskett himself.

MAK Releases Cinematic Retro Future Pop Single “Inside My Head”

Produced by Yonatan Watts, “Inside My Head” tells an eerily vivid story of how easy it is to get lost in your mind. “I’m at a point where I’m stuck inside my mind and in a spiral that I’m not sure I’ll pull out of,” says MAK about a lucid dream that felt like a lifetime. The cheerful, enthusiastic sound and retro synths combined with mysterious and reflective lyrics create the song’s tension, leaving listeners craving more. “The resulting story is a wild trip that blends dark ideas with bright sounds and highs and lows,” says MAK. He combines influences of pop, R&B, and electro to make up his progressive sound. This genre fusion continues to set a mark for where the future of pop is heading.

– https://ffm.to/mak_insidemyhead

Watch Penfriend’s new video for “Cancel Your Hopes”

Laura Kidd says about the song:
“Cancel Your Hopes” is about doing everything you were told was right and then realising the world’s going to end despite your best efforts. Left stranded by those who were once the grownups, our mission is to keep trying to appreciate the incredible fact of simply existing in this beautiful world, while attempting to navigate the toxic parts of technology, live a meaningful life of use to others, love deeply and learn to accept love while leaving as little negative trace on the planet as possible while doing so.”

New Penfriend “Cancel Your Hopes” Music Video Navigates You Through A Toxic World

TIDES OF KHARON Release Official Video ‘Atlas Endures’ From Forthcoming EP

Canadian melodic death metal Tides Of Kharon unveil Atlas Endures, the first video from their upcoming EP, Titanomachy. Telling a tale of betrayal and punishment, the aptly named Atlas Endures is sung from the point of view of Atlas as he is sentenced to hold the sky on his shoulders for all eternity. Lyrically, Atlas Endures is emotionally intense, sharing the character’s heartbreaking acceptance of his unfortunate eternal future, with hopes and dreams being his only escape from the struggle.

Reza Safinia’s personal track “Within” premieres via Headphone Commute, out today; ‘Yin’ out 3/12 via Music & Texture

“I wrote this piece during the week when all the shelves went empty in all the stores. It was before lockdown was announced but there was a sense of panic. People were buying guns. It took me back to my childhood, in the early days of the revolution in Iran, when we fled.”

New video for MOBILE HOMES, video with Johan Renck

Chris Savior New Release with Denitia – Did You Ever Know (feat. Denitia)

For this track, I teamed up with New York’s Denitia. She’s an incredible indie-pop artist with soulful vocals. We are both part of, and huge supporters of, the LGBTQ+ community.

“Did You Ever Know is about when you are left questioning if an ex ever knew what you were going through or ever really cared. It has a pensive vibe, but I kept it upbeat to signal her strength: “I’m not something that you leave behind.” I could imagine this being played late at night while driving or at the beach looking out to the sea — those moments where your mind starts to wander back to the past to make sense of where you have been and dream of where you are going next.”

LISTEN: Makebo Returns to All Day I Dream with ‘Skyline’ EP

Makebo’s penchant for grooves rings throughout ‘Skyline,’ with each piece anchored by a hypnotic bassline designed for outdoor listening impact. Atop, the Russian talent appeals to various shades of emotion. “Freedom,” for example, closes the EP out on a blissful note with soft pads and windchime-esque synths arranged into cheery progressions. Title track “Skyline” takes on a more dynamic approach, building a sense of mystery with various instrumental layers playing off of each other in an energized fashion. “Whale” captures attention with sweeping orchestral accents, while “Dark Places” uses wispy vocal clips and subdued synthwork to create a shadowy atmosphere.

Loney dear (Peter Gabriel label) new single out now

The stark ‘Oppenheimer’ takes cues from the life of American theoretical physicist J Robert Oppenheimer, examining just how quickly good intentions can be altogether overtaken by events. Says Emil about the impetus to write the track: A lot of those people working with the atomic bomb were astrophysicists and they were passionate about researching space and mathematics and here they had this amazing opportunity, almost too good to miss. Maybe they were also trapped in a situation that was hard to avoid in a way. And immediately they understood, when they saw the results, that this is horrible. Like we’ve been tricked into doing this. There’s the famous quote by Oppenheimer; ‘I have become the destroyer of worlds.’ There’s just something really powerful about it and that era. It’s crazy, the fact that during that nuclear age, the atomic bomb was the future and it was popular culture. And the fact that the bikini was the latest fashion product and they named it after where they detonated an atomic bomb just tells you so much – it was a different age.

Acclaimed Singer/Songwriter Adam Douglas Releases Heavenly New Album

A little bit country, a little bit gospel, and a little bit soul, acclaimed singer/songwriter Adam Douglas is releasing his third full-length solo album, a heavenly collection of introspective songs called Better Angels.

Better Angels is now available via all DSPs. “This album is about me maturing into myself, mentally,” shares Douglas.



Pianist/composer Ben Cosgrove, who calls Boston, Massachusetts and Portland, Maine home, has unveiled “Templates For Limitless Fields Of Grass,” the epic new single from his forthcoming LP The Trouble With Wilderness, set for release on April 23rd. The song touches on the album’s central theme of finding and celebrating the organic within the artificial, in a different way than any of its other tracks do. “At over 10 minutes long, implementing only two chords, ‘Templates for Limitless Fields of Grass’ might be an odd choice for a single. But the expansiveness and thrill of this track off pianist and songwriter Ben Cosgrove’s forthcoming album…is illustrative of Cosgrove’s musical vision,” notes Sound Of Boston in their premiere, adding, “the push and pull of dynamics, the utilization of the whole range of the piano and the dense, sweeping pianism makes ‘Templates For Limitless Fields of Grass’ well… limitless.”

Premiere: “Templates for Limitless Fields of Grass” by Ben Cosgrove

Wantigga Drops Debut Album “Wantigga”

Returning with a stunning debut album, the multitalented Dutch artist continues to push the boundaries, providing a plethora of electronic-based soundtracks that showcase his unique ability to create music spanning a multitude of genres.

Royce 5’9″ Releases Lyric Video for “Hero”

Detroit MC/Songwriter/Producer Royce 5’9″ releases the lyric video to “Hero,” to celebrate the one year anniversary of his album The Allegory, which was released in late February last year. The critically acclaimed album, produced by Royce, is nominated for a GRAMMY for Best Rap Album. The 63rd GRAMMY Awards take place on Sunday, March 14th.

Saxon release 3rd single “Paperback Writer” (Beatles cover)

Today, British Heavy Metal giants, Saxon release a super-charged melodic romp of The Beatles’ ‘Paperback Writer’ as third single from their upcoming cover album, Inspirations, set for release March 19th (Silver Lining Music).

“I saw The Beatles on TV for the first time in 1963,” enthuses Biff Byford. “It was a very inspirational moment for me to think maybe I could be in a band!”

Zac Tenenbaum shares his sophomore single ‘Just For The Night’ featuring ilayda

Behind the pseudonym, Zac Tenenbaum is a songwriter, producer and remixer who first earned his spurs in Hip Hop some time ago, but has long since found a home in the field of electronic music. Tenenbaum lets his futuristic disco sound speak for itself and puts it into the glittering focus of his musical work. With ‘Just For The Night’, he presents his second single.

Talia Londoner Announces Her Arrival With Vibrant, Retro-Pop Single

Today, with the release of her vibrant, retro-pop video for “Get It Out,” the LA-born, Tel Aviv-based singer/songwriter Talia Londoner shares the first taste of her euphoric musical sound, destined to place her among the next generation of pop stars. Combining the vibrant feminist visuals of early Madonna and the classic emotional style of Katy Perry, Robyn, and Kylie Minogue, “Get It Out” was produced and designed with renowned Penthouse photographer Hank Londoner and director Boaz Aquino, taking listeners back to the anthemic, party pop of the 1980s. It’s the first single from Londoner’s debut EP, out this fall.

Gavin Haley Releases New Single “Pepper”

“‘Pepper’ is a side of myself I haven’t really shown,” says Haley of the record. “[In] 2020 there wasn’t much to do, and I would go on these long drives almost every night. Just exploring new roads and listening to a lot of instrumental songs. It really inspired a world for this song. The story is so straightforward, and I love how the production feels almost dark in a way. I can’t wait to perform this one.”

Appleby shares “Here With U” via WILDER (Future Classic & Tom Windish’s singles label)

Of the new single, appleby says, “I wrote the chorus of ‘here with u’ just as the light from the sunset outside was leaving my bedroom. I was single then and didn’t have an honest story to share. so it sat as a chorus idea for over 8 months. Before i knew it i was looking at my person and she brought meaning to ‘i can’t believe i get to be here with u.’ On nights where we’d sleep in different beds we would FaceTime through sunrise. Evenings are typically when i’m most creatively alive so per normal, I muted myself while she slept. That summer night though while listening to her softly breathing, i got the inspiration to finish ‘here with u’. In my mind, the song was waiting for me to fall in love.”


Despite all the obstacles presented during the Covid-19 pandemic, Granny (aka Terry LeRoi) managed to link up with longtime producer/collaborater David Bendeth and create a slew of new material, including a cover of Ronnie James Dio’s “Stand Up and Shout” under the name “LeRoi XIII”. The track featured performances by Will Hunt and Troy McLawhorn (Evanescence), Aaron Pauley (Of Mice & Men), and guitarist Sammy Boller. The cover was met with rave reviews and is currently generating hundreds of thousands of streams/views with all proceeds being donated to Dio’s SUAS charity.

#ATLTop20 #Certified !!! Wolf Pack Global Music Presents: Renni Rucci – “Can’t Be” [New Video]

Brett Kissel Tackles Question, ‘What Is Life?’ On New Album, Out April 9

Kissel spoke about the new single, saying, “This song is truly representative of where I’m at in my life right now…and probably – or hopefully – where many people are as we’ve adjusted to the challenges we’ve all faced over the last year,” says Kissel. “It’s about doing your best to live your best life – whatever that might be; being in the moment, being present, having gratitude, and making the most of the time we have – that’s what is most important.”

Liz Brasher Shares New Track “Never Alone,” Listen Now

“‘Never Alone’ comes from a place of isolated reflection, after a period of spending a lot of time around new faces in a different location every night,” Brasher recalls, a relatable sentiment amidst the world’s abrupt halt last March. “Sometimes being around the most people is where you can feel the loneliest, like living in a busy city where no one really has the time of day to invest in who you are. It’s the irony of never physically being alone but also never having the opportunity to be alone in a way that joins us.

Demon Hunter release album ‘Songs of Death and Resurrection’ of reimagined tracks

DEMON HUNTER released their new album, Songs of Death and Resurrection today via Solid State Records. The American metal institution has always been known for their defiant heaviness expertly mixed with transcendent melodies. On Songs of Death and Resurrection, DEMON HUNTER takes an entirely new approach, reworking eleven tracks from their expansive catalog with lush string arrangements, haunting piano, and layered vocal harmonies. This stripped-down take on the fan favorites found throughout the record offers a fresh outlook on the band’s long-standing ability to create stirring music and remain uncompromisingly creative throughout their career.

Lauryn Macfarlane Shares “Nowhere Town”

Lauryn Macfarlane has been recognized as a bewitching storyteller, drawing inspiration from her own experiences and struggles as an empath with an unceasing flow of emotion. Relocating to Montreal, Quebec, granted Lauryn the opportunity to work alongside producer/engineer Sam Woywitka (Luca Fogale, Half Moon Run) and musicians Isaac Symonds (Half Moon Run), Mishka Stein (Patrick Watson), and Robbie Kuster (Patrick Watson) on her debut EP.