HGVT Offers a £400 Discount to Ex-Army in from Scotland

Today, the freight industry is booming positively and the demand for vehicle and truck drivers is strong. You may have been unsure about the license terms if you are looking for a driving course to acquire your lorry licenses. Since looking at driving work online, or hearing about this issue in trade journals, brochures, or newspaper advertisements, you have undoubtedly realized that certain businesses either use the two words in conjunction, others use LGV and some use HGV when it comes to truck driving positions of over 7.5 tonnes of gross vehicle weight.

What is HGV?

HGV stands for “Heavy Goods Vehicle.” It includes all commercial vehicles, including cooling trucks, box trucks, Lutons, floor beds, tippers, ADR, drop-side trucks, and more, with a large combination weight of over 3,500 kg.

Vehicles are taxed in the United Kingdom according to their motors, design, type of diesel, weight, emissions, and purposes. Thus, the word HGV appeared as the first tax disc in the UK being used for tax purposes categorizing vehicles. Vehicles weighing less than 3500 kg had been referred to at the time years earlier as lightweight freight vehicles, while vehicles weighing over 3500 kg were referred to as heavy freight vehicles. If you are looking for HGV training, then you can get it from HGV training in around Glasgow.

There is a huge demand for qualified HGV drivers:

The need for newly trained HGV drivers was even strong before the Covid-19 pandemic, and Britain’s departure from the European Union made it more difficult. Now that lockdown still exists, an astonishing 87% of everyone in the UK is now shopping online, which means that this “huge growth” needs more capacity.

We all accept that our store shelves are complete and the freight is shipped on time – even after the pandemic. The tough truth is that it actually cannot proceed without a proper number of HGV drivers. The huge increase in demand cannot be satisfied now and in the future by adding more customers to the market – as the challenge will never go away alone.

The lack of HGV drivers in the UK is just as important as ever with an expected 76,000 deficit by the end of 2020. That said, companies like HGVT are actively attempting to tackle the problem by providing a range of incentives to bring more people into a highly rewarding and well-paid career.

A special perk for ex-army users who take part in Class 1 and Class 2 HGV training courses is their newly announced £400 discount. HGV drivers are in high demand at the moment and for many reasons, those with experience of the British army are much more common.

HGVT offers a £400 discount to ex-army customers:

If the applicant has spent time with the United Kingdom Army, then their demand is automatically increased when an organization is searching for an HGV drivers. You may be thinking that “why does this happen?” Ok, because ex-army soldiers appear to be highly orderly, punctual, arranged, and self-employed. This has contributed to the development of this enticing offer by HGVT. HGVt is now collaborating with ex-mil.co.uk to provide required training for ex-army servicemens.

That’s why HGVT is offering a £400 discount to ex-army customers. However, spaces for this deal are small and interest is likely to be strong on a first-come-first-served basis, so that anyone who wants to use the benefit should not lose time in contacting HGVT. Offer is valid until May 31st 2021. 

HGVT Driver academy is a perfect chance for you to join a sector with outstanding wage scales, satisfying jobs, and a guaranteed workload. The HGVT Driver Academy is an independent selling point, offering DVLA-approved trainings, full support during the learning process, and helping to find HGV driver jobs, through its unique partnership with Manpower.

If you have an old army history, you can visit HGV training in around Glasgow and get in touch with your team of advertising personnel.