Transient Loss New Music Video “Torn”

Malaysian Prog-Metal band, ‘Transient Loss’ showcases venue’s full ceiling of LED in sync with the beats of progressive breakdowns in latest MV

Torn’ aims to create a ‘larger than life’ soundscape. The solos are intentionally theatrical and breakdowns, intentionally obnoxious. It tells the story of a complacent generation. The collective minority twists the words of prolific intellectuals to perpetuate their agenda.

This song also marks the first complete collaboration from the band’s latest lineup. It was recorded, mixed and mastered in our home studio and after numerous drafts going back and forth, we tweaked the mix to produce a song that captured our collective voice.

In efforts to promote this single, we self-produced a music video at a venue that has LED panels covering the entire venue’s ceiling. Through trial and error, we figured out a way to program the LED panels to flash in sync with the unpredictable and aggressive rhythms of Torn.