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‘Hawks & Doves’ is the opening track on Reb’s acclaimed album; the gateway into her self-titled record that captivated listeners the world over. ‘Hawks & Doves (Tali Remix)’ accentuates Reb’s songwriting prowess by adding lush harmonies to repeating themes and incorporating swirling undercurrents of mood and texture that reimagine ‘Hawks & Doves’ amidst the winds of change. Brooding beats, melodic bass lines and oscillating synths ebb and flow like echoes. The result is a mesmerising collaboration between two of Aotearoa’s finest musicians. Distinctive artists in their own right, Tali and Reb Fountain are a combined force to be reckoned with.

Mogwai remix Grandbrothers’ “Organism”

Following the release of their new album ‘All The Unknown’ on City Slang in January, Grandbrothers have given their track “Organism” to Scotland’s legendary chart-topping band Mogwai for a propulsive, atmospheric remix.

UK New Wave/Punk from London – Kevee Lynch – Born To Fuck Up

Kevee Lynch was the singer and creative driving force behind SKA Band Sko-Mads who formed back in 2016.

His father passed away and the next day he wrote the song Dad.

After posting the tribute on Facebook and getting thousands of views and encouragement from friends he decided to form a Ska enthused band.

Rob the drummer having played with Kevee back in the 80’s in various Garage and surf bands decided he needed to get back into a band and signed up.

Having retired the Sko-Mads Kevee is still singing about real issues harking back to the Punk/New Wave/2 Tone era but with a renewed energy sometimes lacking in today’s bland music culture.

Los Esplifs Share “Galaxia” Via New Noise, Debut Album ‘ESTRAIK BACK’ Out April 20th

Tuscon-based art-psych band Los Esplifs share “Galaxia.” The track is following up on “Otro Pais” as the second single off their upcoming ESTRAIK BACK, an 11-track LP out April 20th. New Noise premiered the track, praising it as “an organ-driven song that delves into a circular existential monologue.”

Track Premiere: Los Esplifs – ‘Galaxia’

Music Benefactors (a cool new approach to SEC registered crowdfunding)

Music Benefactors. They are taking a whole new approach to SEC registered crowdfunding with a sole focus on the music industry. Recording artists and independent music businesses are able to raise capital for new projects and monetize catalogs by partnering with fans and investors. Unlike traditional crowdfunding, fans and investors share the income that the projects generate.


The rising rap duo ZaeHD & CEO release new track and video “DIRTY WATCH” featuring Bankroll Freddie via HighDefGang/RCA Records. The track showcases ZaeHD & CEO rapping catchy bars over an energetic beat and the accompanying video matches that high-level energy.

Lil Durk, King Von & OTF Share “JUMP” Video from Loyal Bros

Lil Durk and Only The Family capped off a year marked by tragedy and triumph with Loyal Bros, the recently released label compilation mixtape which just debuted in the top 20 of the Billboard 200. Today, Durk joins fellow OTF vultures Booka600, Memo600, and the late King Von for “JUMP,” the flashy visual for the tape’s invigorating opening track. A guitar-laden trap heater with production from RMG Nu, “Jump” is a mission statement for the whole tape, as Durk, Memo, and Booka trade bars, stressing the importance of loyalty, before Von takes an extended verse to tell one of his signature crazy stories.

Mystical Balkan metal-folk outfit MANNTRA releases ‘Heathens’

Overwhelming, brute and full of longing. Mystical goth-rock outfit Manntra has released their new single ‘Heathens’. This is the last epic foretaste of their second album ‘Monster Mind Consuming’, set for release on March 26, with lively video directed by Ivan Čolić.

Artist: Hunter & Girton – Track: Helluva Night

Hunter & Girton is a Folk infused Alternative Rock band consisting of members Jonathan Hunter and Dakota Girton, a pair of singer/songwriters from rural Indiana.

This original duo combines mellow folk tunes with hard-hitting alternative rock ballads in a unique story-telling fashion. Inspired by the lyrical genius of the 60’s and the heart pumping adrenaline of the late 90’s, the duo has paved a path through the crossroads of Indiana and surrounding states.

Arthur King’s Changing Landscapes (Isle of Eigg); a location-based album, short film & art installation

Los Angeles-based experimental art group Arthur King continues their exploration into the unknown with their location-based musical and visual series Changing Landscapes – which aims to create a deeper connection with one’s surroundings by disrupting linear-form experience. The new album/film is Changing Landscapes (Isle of Eigg).

In 2019 Arthur King joined their friend Jason Lytle (Grandaddy) on a trip to the Scottish Isle of Eigg to create a truly unique record and film, that are spawned from and dissect the island itself.

Artist: Kip Macklejar – Track: Alligator Swamp Monster

Currently, Kip Macklejar is working on the release of the upcoming EP, The Coal Miner’s Daughter, which will be released as a three-part song and feature accompanying animated music videos that bring the story within the songs to life. Kip Macklejar hopes that the EP will help him show off his lyrical storytelling abilities, while also helping him to further develop and mature his rock/blues sound. In the meantime, Kip Macklejar is excited to meet new fans and to continue spreading good vibes with his unique music!

New Music: Summer Thieves – ‘Potions’ – New Indie Rock/Pop From New Zealand

New Zealand-band Summer Thieves return with new single, ‘Potions’. The first taste of an upcoming new album, the single sees the band fully embracing their pop sound, while still maintaining their indie feel. Following a summer performance to festivals across NZ, ‘Potions’ shows a band diving deeper into a pop-based sound, while staying true to their indie roots style, alongside a chorus ready-made for the live stage.

Following on from the release of their 2020 EP Bandaids & Lipstick, this new single begins the road towards a new album, due for release in mid-2021.

ERRATUM // WYTCH: share fiery new single “Black Hole”; debut album coming on Ripple Music!

Ripple Music are happy to welcome Skellefteå, Sweden’s proto-metallers WYTCH to their international roster, for the release of their debut album ‘Exordium’ on May 21st, 2021. Enjoy the merciless grooves of their debut single “Black Hole” now exclusively via The Sleeping Shaman!

First single “Black Hole” is a straightforward heavy rock tune that rocks in all the rights places with commanding riffs and a sharp rhythm section, all enhanced by Johanna Lundberg’s sultry and fiery vocals. Darkness-bound yet universally relatable, this 5-minute proto-metal banger deals with reaching the breaking point and trying to get back alive.

Premiere: Wytch ‘Black Hole’ – Debut ‘Exordium’ Drops 21st May via Ripple Music

FULLMÅNE Are Ready, Waiting And ‘Lurking In The Dark’

Lurking In The Dark, the new album from Norwegian project Fullmåne, is a dark and dirty tribute to nighttime drifting, the silent streets, its about being bored and not fitting in with the crowd. Just looking for something to do, looking for a way out.

Introducing Regressive Left | Listen to new single “Take The Hit” now

With the pandemic skewing the playing field for new bands, the days of filling venues and impressing as the unknown opener are on hiatus, and studio material remains all we really have to judge with. However, a select few were lucky enough to see Regressive Left at the start of last year and feverish word of that first performance continues to spread to this day.

BRIDEAR unleash brand new track ‘Bloody Bride’

“‘Bloody Bride’ is an intense tribute to our love of heavy metal history,” explains Haru, bassist and composer of the track. “Before we performed in London in 2019, we went to the site of the old Marquee Club where the New Wave of British Heavy Metal began. I was so inspired by the history of that music and of the mystery and lore of great cities so fantastic to us. I really wanted to express a fantasy world: a castle dungeon, demons, a trapped bride. We can’t wait to perform it live for everyone!

André Ethier (formerly of Deadly Snakes ffo: Bonnie Prince Billy, Randy Newman) | Shares “Wild Goldfish” RPG video & announces album

The new record marks the final segment in a trilogy of solo records from Ethier who has found tips previously from Pitchfork and Aquarium Drunkard, as well as from local Toronto press such as NOW, Exclaim and The Star; he’s perhaps best known, however, for his work in the Toronto punk band, the Deadly Snakes that ran in the late 90s and early 00s, earning international acclaim and garnering something of a cult status. Further Up Island follows on from where his 2019 release, Croak In The Weeds left off, marking another collaboration with Toronto legend, Sandro Perri who helms the production duties for this release (Perri also worked on the previous two installments of the trilogy).

Hot Breath’s debut album “Rubbery Lips” out April 9

Hot Breath is back and will release their debut studio album “Rubbery Lips” during the spring of 2021. With a foundation built on dirty riffing, memorable hooks, and a no-nonsense attitude, the new album contains 10 tracks of energetic and catchy garage rock ‘n’ roll. With their minds firmly set on releasing nothing but killers, Hot Breath has pushed themselves into perfecting the sound that they presented on their 2019 self-titled EP. The result is a straight-shooting album, guaranteed to twist your hips.

“Rubbery Lips” is recorded and mixed by Mattias Nyberg (The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, The Datsuns). The cover artwork is made by Anders Muammar. The album will be released on The Sign Records on April 9, 2021, on digital, vinyl, and CD format.

Gilligan Moss drop shimmering new single ‘Special Thing’

East coast electronic outfit Gilligan Moss return with new single ‘Special Thing’, out March 16th.

Drawing on their trademark sunkissed vibe but this time injecting it with a glistening dose of a special French touch, ‘Special Thing’ sees Gilligan Moss craft an infectious, vocal-laced disco-house jam. The track also features Bobby Wooten on bass, the musician best known for performing and touring with David Byrne.

Introducing ‘Marinelli’ & the cathartic ‘Oh God’

Born from processing deep emotions, the LA-based singer-songwriter and producer unveils his self written & produced new cut ‘Oh God’. Sharing more on the track, Marinelli explained:”This song is about feeling intense emotions that you know you should let simmer before expressing – the song came to be when I was sitting in the parking lot of the LA court where I was doing jury duty. I was feeling pretty upset about something in my life and I hated that feeling of “sitting in my car” and feeling sorry for myself without driving or getting out.”

Watch The Natvral’s new video for “Sun Blisters”

Today Kip Berman, former singer / songwriter of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart shares the video for his recently released single “Sun Blisters,” the third single from his debut solo album as The Natvral. The album, Tethers, is due on April 2 on Kanine Records.

The Rumjacks – new single / new album out now

The track is a huge, anthemic, bagpipe-infused belter, pairing driving instrumentals with infectious and evocative lyricism, and is a great taste of what to expect from the album. Featuring 14 tracks of rousing, pint-in-hand singalong tunes, the album has been released to widespread acclaim, and is the perfect mood-setter for St Patrick’s Day celebrations!

Home Counties deliver art-punk eccentricity on new single White Shirt / Clean Shirt

Home Counties return today with new single “White Shirt / Clean Shirt”. The second of two new self-produced singles, it follows “Modern Yuppies” released in January, and the band’s widely praised 2020 debut EP ‘Redevelopment’.

The band take a sharp left-turn on “White Shirt / Clean Shirt”, upping the tempo and storming forwards with a hip-wriggling, eccentric examination of office work. Building on the playful post-funk hooks present in “Modern Yuppies”, Home Counties continue to show they’re a band who are not afraid to colour outside the lines, both sonically and lyrically.

Dimension Unleashes His Debut Album Organ

Out now, Dimension’s recently released ‘Organ’ features 17 tracks; alongside 9 unreleased new songs, the album includes Dimension’s previous singles ‘Offender’, ‘Remedy’ (feat. TS Graye), ‘Saviour’ (feat. Sharlene Hector), ​’Hatred’ (feat E11E), and the UK chart hit collaboration with Sub Focus, ‘Desire’. Elsewhere, ‘Organ’ features Liam Bailey, MC GQ, Arctic Lake, Cameron Hayes, Billy Lockett (Culture Shock, ‘Love To Give’), Poppy Baskcomb, and Clementine Douglas.

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Maia Sharp releasing new solo album Mercy Rising on May 7

Maia Sharp returns with Mercy Rising, her boldest, most confessional offering to date. After living in the Los Angeles metro area for most of her life, Maia moved to Nashville at the beginning of 2019, partly to be in an unapologetically songwriter centric town and partly as a personal life reboot. She reflects, “In the last 2 years, just about everything that could have changed has changed and it feels now like those long walks outside of all of my comfort zones were heading toward this album.”

Listen to Lambchop’s “A Chef’s Kiss” today and enter the immersive world of Showtunes on May 21

Lambchop’s new studio album Showtunes, arriving May 21, is a testament to bandleader Kurt Wagner’s singular world-building and subsequent exploration of that world. The album’s eight compositions are something akin to show tunes but with edges burnished and viewed through Wagner’s specific lens.

Showtunes introduces itself with a straightforward number (well, by Lambchop standards) called “A Chef’s Kiss,” which Wagner describes as “a reflection on the temporal nature of life and ultimately of song itself. A ‘chef’s kiss’ being a gesture toward something perfected or well done, even loved.”

Lovesick Radio New Single: “Nothing Left To Lose”

Rockers Lovesick Radio has released their new single/video “Nothing Left To Lose”. Lovesick Radio carry their own brand of dirty raw Rockin blues sound. From the moment their latest, “Nothing Left To Lose” spins you expect a vinyl crack and snap sound. The music is peeled back, and unabashedly free.

Elephants and Stars – Official “Ceasefire” Music Video

“Ceasefire” is a big, loud middle finger to whatever or whomever is causing toxicity in your life. I hope it can empower you to leave a situation that isn’t worth your energy.

This song is ultimately about erasing someone or something from your life that has caused you harm. When I leave a bad situation, I burn the bridge. If I cut you off, you stay that way forever. But it’s not even so much a grudge, it’s like you never existed.


Orlando by way of New York rapper-producer 454 (aka Willie Wilson) has released his debut mixtape 4 REAL via MATH / Honeymoon and along with it a new video for single “HEAVEN”. A reflective project that explores 454’s diverse sonic aesthetic – 4 REAL combines contemporary R&B with unique energy and experimentation hinged on electronic music. The work showcases an innovative production style with manipulated vocals and shifting tempos. No stranger to the DIY ethos 454 grew up in the Orlando skate scene. His passion for skating, which landed him features in Transworld Magazine as a teenager, defined his love for 90s New York hip hop and would eventually inspire his move to NYC three years ago.

Nashville based alt-pop artist Sly Boy shares introspective song + video “Sin”

Nashville-based songwriter and producer Sly Boy is back with another contemplatively hard-hitting new song titled “Sin” featuring an incredible, unexpected saxophone solo from UK-based artist Alexander Bone. For this brooding new alt-pop track, Sly Boy steps outside of his own skin to inquire within. The cryptic, DIY-style music video for “Sin” is a great visual for the conflictions of sin and virtue.

Sly Boy shares, “‘Sin’ reflects the self-violence I so commonly feel after letting myself down. I think all people have moments when they step outside themselves and think, ‘Wow, I’m really not living up to the version of myself I want to be.’ When you happen to be living under a prescribed moral code, such as religion, you’re forced to experience those moments more often.”