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Los Esplifs Announce LP, Share “Otro País” Via Northern Transmissions, ‘ESTRAIK BACK’ Out April 20th

Tuscon-based art-psych band Los Esplifs share “Otro País,” an infectiously-catchy banger complete with bombastic riffs and swinging rhythm, all steeped in dark humor. “Otro País” is the lead single from the upcoming ESTRAIK BACK, an 11-track LP out April 20th. Northern Transmissions premirered “Otro Pais,” praising Los Esplifs for “a sound that is uniquely theirs.” Brooklyn Vegan also featured the “very catchy” track, praising it as “an art-psych spin to Cumbia, Fania, and other styles.”

Los Esplifs Debut New Single “Otro Pais”

MEET LITEBOXER- New at-home workout experience, where boxing & gaming are merged through beat-based music programming

Meet Liteboxer, a new at-home workout experience, where boxing and gaming are merged through beat-based music programming. Liteboxer’s addictive approach to fitness merges trends in connected fitness with rhythm gaming (think Dance Revolution, Beat Saber, Guitar Hero). And with Liteboxer’s Punch Tracks, Liteboxer is the only fitness platform where you can choose your own music. Punch Tracks become your guide to punching to the beat and turn into your own personal playlist, with Liteboxer you get to be your own DJ.


Vancouver-based musician Valie. shares “Art,” a hauntingly beautiful love ballad written in French. Glide premiered the track and praised how Valie “combines a romantic ethos with glitchy electronica that makes for a Portishead meets Feist meets Charlotte Gainsbourg.”

Roots of Creation Releases Second Single from 2021 Album “Arabia”

“It took more than a decade to craft a song that would channel reggae guitarist and composer Ernest Ranglin, whose career has spanned collaborations with Bob Marley, Monty Alexander, the Skatalites, just right. While it would echo the Jamaican artist’s perfectly textured cadence of reggae, ska, and jazz, the song would also need to embody a touch of Roots of Creations’s signature rock.” – American Songwriter

Dreadrock – Make it Clear [Official Video]


“Chasing Ghosts” is a cinematic yet visceral exploration of the ambivalence of a hollow love. It has powerful production from I AM SNOW ANGEL, Andrew Dixon, and piano and keys arrangements from Jared Chance Taylor. Inspired from a relationship with an emotionally unavailable man,”Chasing Ghosts” sees Coyote Eyes depict the toll of “living off of crumbs of love”. Though her attitude holds no anger or resentfulness, it is instead one of acceptance/closure and compassion.

MTV’s Spankin’ New Debuts Nigerian Artist/ Producer IceBeatChillz Video For Single “AREA” Ft. Beenie Man Today!

Today Nigerian Artist/Producer IceBeatChillz (Ice) video for his debut single “Area,” featuring Jamaican dance hall legend Beenie Man will be featured on MTV’s Spankin’ New! This TV feature follows recent premieres from IceBeatChillz, including an acoustic version of “Area” with GRUNGE CAKE, a special live mash up jam session video for “Area,” and newest single “Bad and Naughty” with Wonderland Magazine, in addition to a dance remix to “Area” with the UK’s Billy Da Kid with EDM.com, as well as the video’s TV premiere last week with BET Jams.

Premiere: IceBeatChillz

Grindcore Act Domestic Terror Stream Upcoming New Album Via Metal Injection!

Formed over a decade ago as a 3 piece improve-grindcore project, Domestic Terror has evolved to become one of Ohio’s most punishing underground, brutal death metal bands. Blurring the lines between slamming death metal, grind and beatdown. It has been 5 years since the bands last release, the “High on Violence” EP which was released via Sevared Records and 6 years since the release of their most popular album, “The Holy Landfill” split with Putrified J on Rising Nemesis Records. And now, finally after a lengthy writing process, the time has come to drop the hammer on the midwest death scene yet again with the self-titled Domestic Terror full length. The album will see a release via x7Ax Records in multiple formats including vinyl, cassette, CD and of course digital. Pre-orders are available now and be on the lookout for the full album to drop Feb. 26th.

Deathgrinders DOMESTIC TERROR Crush And Brutalize On Their Newest Album

THE LONELY ONES Release New Single “Change the Station” + Official Music Video via Imagen Records; Currently a Feature Artist on Spotify’s Rock Hard Editorial Playlist!

Hard rock band The Lonely Ones released their brand new single, “Change the Station,” via Imagen Records!

The Lonely Ones are now going for adds at active rock radio, with 9 stations added in the first week. The band is currently a feature artist on Spotify’s Rock Hard editorial playlist as well as over 100 other playlists in the first week.

Queer protest folk artist Crys Matthews – Entitled “Call Them In”

“Call Them In” is the second single off of Changemakers, the new hope-fueled, love-filled, full-length social justice album from Crys Matthews. “When John Lewis passed away,” Matthews said, “I wanted to write a song to honor his memory and his legacy. He is the epitome of a Changemaker to me.” “Call Them In” was released nation-wide on John Lewis’s birthday, February 21st. Crys Matthews has been praised by the likes of NPR, Billboard and more.

Bobby Parent Unleashes New Single “Dogs”

“I saw an angel in the marble and I carved till I set him free.” A Michelangelo quote that would be etched in Bobby Parent’s mind as he started on his new journey in sobriety. A journey that, at first, would uncover painful truths before revealing the genuine beauty and generosity of others.

New video: Darman “Viaggio Miraggio”

Darman new single ‘Viaggio Miraggio’, excerpt from the album Necessità Interiore, is a game of mirrors about understanding and misunderstanding the others, about the way our mind unconsciously modifies perceptions to make it fit our expectations and avoid fear.


“I want to thank my friends at Spotify for asking me to perform exclusively at Stream On. This event is a first, so I wanted to do something I hadn’t done before with this special version of Lonely. I’m always inspired by creativity, and Spotify Stream On shared some incredible conversations on the vision for the future.” – Justin Bieber.

VERITAS – single “Starlight” from album “Threads of Fatality”

In 2012, Greg Wenk started looking for members and decided on Veritas, which means truth, when looking for ideas. Deciding it needed a logo to make it more recognizable, he found the awen symbol which means creativity.

ANDY ROCKS – single “Look at what we’ve done” from upcoming homonymous album

Melodic, maybe a little vintage here and there, straightforward and a bit dirty, but all in all good old rock music – that could be a rough description of the music of Andy Rocks.


Public school teacher releases “Rescue Me”

Louie says, “Rescue Me” which also features Jason Tucker, inspires us to think about the important people in our lives. Who rescues you when things in your life are not going right? Who rescues you when your lost? Some people lean on a parent, grandparent, sibling, friend, first responder or even a stranger. In the trying times of this past year, we all have needed someone to lean on when we felt lost and inspire us to find our way.”

out today: VARANG NORD (LV) “Pārķiuņa Uomurs” @ Folk Metal | Pagan Metal | Viking Metal

Pārķiuņa Uomurs (Thunder’s Hammer) is the fourth studio album from Latvian group Varang Nord. As with previous albums, it still combines harsh death metal riffs with epic accordion chants, creating a unique blend of northern pagan/folk metal, but for the first time in band’s history, all the lyrics are written in the Latgalian language (an eastern dialect of Latvian). The album is proudly dedicated to Varang Nord’s homeland, the power and beauty of it’s nature and the depth of it’s cultural roots.

VARANG NORD Bring Down The Hammer With ‘Pārķiuņa Uomurs’

Pārķiuņa Uomurs (Thunder’s Hammer) is the fourth studio album from Latvian group Varang Nord. As with previous albums, it still combines harsh death metal riffs with epic accordion chants, creating a unique blend of northern pagan/folk metal, but for the first time in band’s history, all the lyrics are written in the Latgalian language (an eastern dialect of Latvian). The album is proudly dedicated to Varang Nord’s homeland, the power and beauty of it’s nature and the depth of it’s cultural roots.

LITTLE SUSPICIONS – Release New Nostalgia Fuelled Single: ‘Limes’ (FFO: Scott Walker / The Last Shadow Puppets)

Self-recorded between Kent, London and Italy, and mixed by Ben Etter (Deerhunter, The Big Moon), ‘Limes’ is the quartet’s second release since their formation in February 2020.

Combining the crooning vocals of Moritz Meyns with the band’s euphoric melodies and sweeping guitar lines, the band’s latest take on indie-rock makes for a modern day love song swimming in 60’s nostalgia; landing somewhere in the middle of Flyte and The Last Shadow Puppets.


According to lead singer Faris Badwan, “Lout is about the relationship between choice and chance, compulsive risk-taking and pushing your luck. As a band, particularly live, we’ve always had an aggressive side and as we began writing new songs it became clear that we were heading in that direction.”

The industrial-edged new single is the first new music from the band since 2017’s critically acclaimed fifth album ‘V’, and is a notable sonic departure from the band’s recent work;

“There’s something about it which feels like a return to a heavier sound but really it’s a million miles away from anything we’ve done.” says keyboardist Tom Furse; “Keeping the sound aggressive and the beats heavy was a central tenet, everything seemed to fall around that.”

NEW SINGLE – Brighton Band Ralph TV Release Infectious Bedroom Pop Track ‘4 U’, Out Now

Written and collaboratively produced by the quartet – ‘4 U’ starts with heavenly synths and transcends with a funk inspired beat that compliments the echoing vocal as they call the attention of a love interest. ‘4 U’ follows on from Ralph TV’s well-received debut album, appropriately titled Cabin Fever Dreams that was released in March 2020. The LP was an introduction to the band’s uniquely eccentric yet charming lo-fi sound. They’ve received support from Official Charts, CLASH, tmrw Magazine, 1883 Magazine, Noctis Magazine and Spindle Magazine. In addition, they’ve picked up praise from BBC Radio One DJs Annie Mac (‘New Name’ endorsed), Huw Stephens and Jack Saunders.

DAKAR Release Cover For TOM PETTY’s “You Wreck Me”, Now Streaming!

“You either bleed out or you learn to grow from the scars!” – American alt-rock outfit DAKAR are back in March with ‘Over the Line’, their first release of 2021. To preview the new song, the Florida-based foursome now has a cover of Tom Petty’s “You Wreck Me” available on Spotify and other streaming services.

NZ sextet, The Phoenix Foundation (ffo: The Chills, Ultimate Painting) | Share new single feat. Fazerdaze

Friend Ship marked their first release in over five years following previous albums that have scored international acclaim from Stereogum, The Guardian, NME, Q, MOJO, Uncut; it’s a long break that found a different approach to writing and a return with something more focused that comes part-inspired by the mosque attacks in Christchurch and the crucial need for friendship – hence the album title – and meaningful relationships, once again playing into the collaborative nature of the new record.

Ready for broadcast… The Book of Life from Austrian Singer / Songwriter Marc Hess

Marc made his first vocal experiences in the famous Tyrolian children choir Wiltener Sängerknaben and began to sing and play the guitar in different bands. The wish, working as a professional musician, came very early and so he began to study vocals and piano.

He is a ‘free spirit’, who doesn’t feel comfortable in deadlocked structures where he cannot unfold. He began to walk his own way and came in touch for the first time with the Musical Jesus Christ Superstar, which would stand out as directional later on.

Kutiman announces his new album “Surface Currents” and shares lead single & video

“Music for doing things”. That’s the intention Kutiman had for ‘Surface Currents’, his forthcoming album of ambient atmospherics and modular experiments. However, its beautiful sounds are deeply calming and refreshing, making this a perfect album to do nothing to, as well. Composed and recorded at his home in the middle of the Negev Desert, where the solace and tranquility of his surroundings allow him to truly stretch his creativity. Kutiman’s quiet and solitary lifestyle imbues this project with an ethereal yet joyous aura.

The Natvral shares new single/video for “New Moon” ahead of debut LP out April 2 on Kanine

Today Kip Berman, former singer / songwriter of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart shares the single/video “New Moon,” the second single from his debut solo album as The Natvral. The album, Tethers, is due on April 2 on Kanine Records.

Sia Shells ft. Ekelle Reveals “Magic Girl”

Toronto-based singer songwriter, Sia Shells, rhymes about the everyday magic we find through relationships, self love, reflection and dreams. Her emotive contralto vocals juxtaposed against upbeat dream pop sounds instantly transport you to another world.

HIRAKI: Aarhus, Denmark Progressive Noise Rock Trio To Release Stumbling Through The Walls LP

As a part of Denmark’s flourishing underground scene for dark and heavy music, the HIRAKI trio deploys an aggressive style of progressive synthpunk from the edge of the abyss. The band presents this sonic assault to accompany the inevitable fact that our world is sick, and we all take part in maintaining the fucked up systematic structures. Encouraged by boundless acts like Daughters, Street Sects, and The Body, the band relies on gnawing synthesizers, ripping guitars, and crushing drums to deliver the foundation from which the vocals burst forth, with concepts about corrupted data and moral decay.

HIRAKI – Stumbling Through The Walls

Dropkick Murphys’ New Album ‘Turn Up That Dial” Out April 30

With the 11 tracks on Turn Up That Dial, Dropkick Murphys celebrate the simple pleasure of music, the relief and release from worry that comes when you “turn up that dial” and blast your troubles away. “On this record, the overall theme is the importance of music, and the bands that made us who we are,” explains DKM founder and co-lead vocalist Ken Casey. “We just hope [the album] takes people’s minds off their troubles. We’re so fortunate and grateful to be in the position to share a little happiness in our own way. Our gratitude levels are off the chart. 25 years ago, somebody bet me 30 bucks I couldn’t form a band with three weeks’ notice to open for his band. As kids, we’d never been out of New England and here we are – we’ve made ten records and have been all over the globe. If there’s a message to this album, it’s ‘put your fist up and play it loud.’”