“I just wanna take it slow, just wanna be alone / I wanna take a breath and conquer, all of the pain that I can’t erase.” The opening lyrics of Baker Grace’s new single “Be Ok” touches on the ubiquitous need for escape. Captured between finger plucked acoustic guitar and warm, yet unadorned synth arrangements, the 19-year-old NYC based singer yearns for self-liberation. “I’m about to explode, fight or flight mode,” Grace confesses on the track.

Like her 2020 EP “Yourz Truly,” “Be Ok” illuminates Grace’s inner world and personal philosophies. “I wrote this song at a time in my life when I was both mentally and physically exhausted and I wasn’t able to see the light until I let go of my ego and saw the beauty in the little things,” Grace shares about the track. “Now more than ever, It is so easy to get caught up in other people’s ideas of perfection but I know that success, fame, and praise are meaningless if I can’t accept and appreciate myself for who I really am.” The accompanying music video puts “Be Ok’s” lyrics in a more literal context where we see Grace stranded in her broken down vehicle. In the clip, we see Grace going through phases of frustration, anger, and hopelessness, before eventually taking a beat, settling into her situation and figuring out her next move.