Lux Beauregard Describes A Complex Human Nature In New Release Titled “Fireworks”

“Fireworks” is an utterly captivating song from indie-pop singer-songwriter Lux Beauregard. The Nashville-based artist exposes an interesting dilemma through enchanting soundscapes and her signature-style poetic lyricism. “Fireworks” is the study of human emotions in the midst of a global disaster. The events of the 2020 pandemic left a huge influence on the artist’s creative soul, and she expresses her feelings through warm, sensual, and intimate sounds that manage to hit hard yet sound perfectly smooth and soothing. 

 Lux reflects on contradictory human emotions when the heart can still find time and space for love while the world is falling apart. She finds the complex mixture of good and bad coexisting within ourselves and in our lives, both strange and mesmerizing. “Fireworks” has a cinematic, nuanced and sincere view of the world. It reflects the human journey through one of its worst stages in history with an unapologetic authenticity and artistry. The song displays sounds floating between indie pop, chamber pop, and baroque pop, creating  a uniquely appealing and atmospheric energy.