New Video By Eucalyption “Waiting”

Brothers James and Ben Nissen grew up in a household centered around music, so it only makes sense that the idea to make music has long been in the back of their minds. Finally, they relieved the itching to establish a band and formed Eucalyption in 2015. The duo are artists at heart and total genre-benders, with rock at the core fused with every other style like reggae grooves, funk and soul elements, and the occasional punk and hip-hop rhythm spice it up. They evolve with every recording since each release is based around a particular experience inspired by the brothers’ lives.

The Houston up-and-comers don’t just create music; they make sure to have a great time while doing so. They’re trailblazers and never hesitate to try something new. Their debut album Go Ahead And Ignore This If You Want should definitely not be ignored. James’s wife’s art project had the exact same wording, which didn’t get the nod of approval from the art teacher, but Eucalyption gravitated towards its amusing tone. Each song is complimentary to the next and reminds us to live mindfully and in solidarity. Through this album, Eucalyption is telling listeners to “go for it; you can do it.”

Their newest music video, “Waiting,” hits home – literally. Eucalyption brings us to their hometown of Baytown, TX, in James’s 05 Chevy Astro Van. These are the streets that are all too familiar, and a van that’s part of their everyday routine. Taken off of, Go Ahead and Ignore This If You Want, James and Ben reflect on their outlooks on life. They feel a bit lost, confused, and unsatisfied like many others, who feel like they are straying off course due to the pandemic. Yet, their motivation doesn’t falter, and they stay going strong in the optimism of what the future will bring. What started as a black and white jam session in the back of the van transforms into a colorful fractal with rainbow emphasis when James last determines, “I’m going to live like my life depends on it.” As the song fades out, we return to the monochrome journey as the van rushes on. We don’t know what the destination is, but it’s clear to tell Eucalyption has a long road ahead.