4 Ways to Make Some Serious Cash Online With Investments

While theres no guaranteed way to get rich quick, there are plenty of ways to invest online that could bring serious earnings. In the internet era, age-old investments like stocks or bonds are more accessible than ever before. Meanwhile, brand new innovations like cryptocurrencies provide additional opportunities for the most adventurous investors. If youre hoping to make money online, consider these four investment options.


Bonds, with their modest-but-reliable earnings, have long been a popular option for cautious investors. They certainly wont make you rich, but theyre safe and secure, ensuring you can count on a minor addition to your income. Since theyre usually backed by the government, theyre essentially free of risk.

Mutual Funds

Compared to buying bonds, investing in the stock market is inherently riskier. Stocks dont always go up in price, and if a company fails, the investors are left suffering from the losses. Mutual funds allow you to limit the risk of buying stocks by spreading your funds through a wide variety of companies. With just a single transaction, youll buy shares of dozens or hundreds of stocks. This means that a single failed company wont sink your overall investment.

Individual Stock Trading

Mutual funds might decrease the risk of suffering major losses, but they also make massive earnings less likely. When you go through an online broker to buy individual stocks, you increase the possibility of making some serious money. If the stock youve purchased increases its price, you could double or triple your investment. The problem, of course, is that youre also more exposed to losing it all.


Cryptocurrencies, with theyre esoteric nature and fully-digital existence, still lie beyond the understanding of most investors. Recent developments, however, suggest that these digital currencies are soon to take on a more prominent role. Governments are considering launching their own cryptocurrencies, and major investors are starting to get involved in the game. If youre hoping to catch this wave on its upward trajectory, you should do some research and maybe even buy bitcoin. Its the epitome of a high-risk, high-reward investment.

Whether youre hoping to invest in old-fashioned bonds or buy cryptocurrencies, youll be able to use the internet to carry out your investments. Give these four options some consideration if you want to make easy money online. Just dont forget to consider the risk inherent in every investment.