“Conflicted” Is Kitt Wakeley’s New Masterwork Featuring Joe Satriani

Self-taught and talented classical crossover musician and composer Kitt Wakeley recently released a new composition titled “Conflicted,” from his new widely anticipated album Symphony of Sinners and Saints, which will be released in May. Following-up to the essence of his signature-style, Kitt Wakeley creates a unique atmosphere filled with enchanting melodies delivered through a captivating fusion of orchestra, EDM, piano, and rock. The new release features acclaimed rock guitar legend Joe Satriani.

Wakeley, known for composing tracks for rock, pop, and country tracks for various artists, TV shows, films and trailers, was first discovered through a local Oklahoma radio station at the age of only 16. Luckily for us, he followed through on his passion for music, and soon enough, we are going to enjoy the complete listening experience of Symphony of Sinners and Saints. Meanwhile, definitely check-out “Conflicted,” which teases the EP brilliantly and has a radio-ready quality allowing us to embrace every bit of this masterwork.