What are the sexiest erogenous zones?

It is very important to know your partner’s erogenous zones. These spots can offer immense pleasure when they are being touched or kissed. So, to make sure you won’t make a mistake, let’s find out what the sexiest erogenous zones are.

Erogenous zones for women

Women have many erogenous zones. Some of them are being known by all men, but there are also others that they don’t know about. How escorts work is beyond what most people know. Men who want to learn more about the erogenous zones for women should definitely date a sex worker a few times.


The G-spot is another sexy erogenous zone that can offer lots of sexual pleasure. It is the route to unspeakable orgasms. The G-spot is being located inside the vaginal opening on the upper wall. It is a sensitive spot, overflowing with nerve endings. Moreover, the G-spot is also connected with the clitoral network.

What’s your erogenous zone?

This means that when it is being stimulated, a part of the clitoris is also being activated. The best way to stimulate the G-spot is to find out what sex positions and movements stimulate this inner area. London escorts can teach you how to find and stimulate the G-spot.


This is the ultimate female pleasure organ. This spot is about the size of a pea, but it is extremely sensitive. It is the most powerful erogenous zone in a woman’s body. It has more than 8.000 nerve endings, and once it is being touched it can offer great pleasure. Due to the fact that it is very sensitive, the stimulus must be performed slowly and extremely gentle.

Your partner should experiment with various touches, movements, as well as intensity. Here, the orgasm is being guaranteed, which is why the man must invest some time in this region.


This erogenous spot is not about anal sex. In fact, it focuses on caressing the outside area around the anus. The buttocks contain lots of muscles and fat, and that’s why it needs stronger stimulation. Kneading, patting, and consensual spanking can offer immense pleasure.

In order to take it a bit further, light fingering inside the anus can stimulate the sensitive nerve endings. This is something that will definitely result in a mind-blowing climax.

Erogenous zones for men

Similar to women, men also have various spots that can offer amazing sexual pleasure and lead to orgasm.


Many women don’t pay attention to this area, even though it is a very sensitive one that can offer lots of pleasure. This erogenous spot should be stimulated by gentle pressing against it via tongue or fingers.


There are some parts of the penis that are a lot more sensitive than others. The best tip when touching the penis is to have a firm grip. The glans or head of the penis is a spot that needs more attention, due to the fact that it has a lot more nerves than the shaft. Create an O-shape by using your fingers and slide it up and down the glans for extra pleasure.