How to choose the best candle holders?

A decent candle holder can complement your home decor and offer a fascinating point of focus, even if you do not currently have your candles lit. If you want to introduce a stunning contrast, a touch of creativity, or a romantic lust, the candle holders go much further than simply showing a naked flame. Candle holders are also a cost-effective and highly efficient way to customize your contemporary home architecture. As candle holders are in demand now, they are available in a variety of designs so it is very difficult to pick the best candle holder.

The following are the tips to choose the best candle holders for your home.

Always pick elegant designs of candle holders:

If your home is delicately decorated, you will want to improve your appearance with the elegance of curved candles and downtrend holders or candle holders. Fiberglass, painted wood, and glass candle holders in subdued tones all contribute to the sense of balance and proportion that is so crucial to an elegant home. Attach a tall candlestick to every other end of your fireplace, or place a three-candle, equal-height candle holder at the center of your console table, for a classic look that is quietly drawn in the eye.

Choose rustic designs to give a proper traditional look to your home:

No rustic decoration is finished without the holders of the candles.  For a truly conventional, countryside look, we recommend that you choose plain, old-fashioned lamps in your hall or kitchen, with wooden downtrend holders on your stone fireplace and on your kitchen counter. Wall-mounted frames are also a great way to bring out the best of rustic architecture and leave your surfaces free of charge for other decorative objects, such as images and trinkets, while at the same time lending an air of authenticity coupled with a big dose of days gone by.

Pick a design of candle holder that matches the theme of architecture:

For a modern look, we suggest that you look for candle holders with sharp lines and plain shapes. Candle sets are made of glass and ironwork well with a traditional, industrial look, while dark glass candle holders work well in a sleek, modern style.

You might also try a very plain, extra-large candle holder or one with an inverted shape or made of unusual material, such as cement or copper pipes. One large candlestick holder in a vibrant accent color appears to fit well as a centerpiece in modern environments, or you might put together a matching set of three at different heights.

Choose candle holders according to the design of the candles you have:

Most votive candles can be used in tea light holders and vice versa, which gives you more versatility. If you are making clusters of candles, you may want to include at least a few votives or tealight candle holders in your range. The best candle holders to display apart your pillar candles involve lantern designs, in specific hurricane types, large peaked candlestick holders, and glass wall brackets. These models imitate the dimensions of the pillar candle and demonstrate whether it is lit or not.