Zāna’s “Sweet Tooth” Single

Zāna’s new single from her This is Autumn EP is a sugary yet sultry pop song with an RnB vibe about a fleeting encounter that leaves a bittersweet taste. “I was inspired to write ‘Sweet Tooth’ from three repurposed Starbucks Frappuccino bottles that were sitting on my desk,” she reveals from her NYC apartment. “One flavor was caramel, one mocha and the other vanilla. I then thought of the fact that my boyfriend says his skin color is ‘mocha caramel’, but I think it’s actually just ‘mocha’ – we often argue about that,” she laughs. “And the line ‘You taste as good as caramel, skin lookin’ like it’s mocha, I really shoulda told ya’ came to my head.”

“Sweet Tooth” is a classic meet-cute in this girl-meets-boy story. In this case, we’re left hanging while our lead girl, Zāna, indulges in candy and confesses her feelings about the night. “‘Sweet Tooth’ is the story of what I imagined a serendipitous experience of a new love interest would be like 20+ years ago. It wouldn’t happen today because so much of dating is through social media and the apps. We’re all so connected,” Zāna asserts.

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Besides the narration of her own personal experiences, Zāna is often struck with storylines based on the lives and adventures of fictional characters. That’s what she does in “Sweet Tooth.” “They’re hitting it off, dancing, getting to know each other, and then their best friends get in the way. Forced to part ways, the lovebugs never exchange information and now our lead girl is left with the feeling of ‘what if?’,” she explains. “Because the visuals of the story behind ‘Sweet Tooth’ are so rich, it needed more than one person to act it out, which in these times of COVID is not ideal. So, I decided that a combination of vivid animation and live action would best narrate the events. My hope is that this will bring a fun and flavorful experience to everyone,” she goes on to say.