iris and SKAAR drop the horror-themed video for “voodoo voodoo”

Iris teamed with fellow Norwegian SKAAR on new single “voodoo voodoo”. Today sees the release of the video for the track, a fun and horror move inspired clip made by Bergen filmmakers Brusjan.

On “voodoo voodoo”, iris was inspired by the style and production of Banks and Lorde and enlisted friend (and fellow Norwegian songwriter) Hilde Skaar, aka SKAAR, to make a “witchy” duet. It’s a sound that iris hasn’t fully explored before but “voodoo voodoo” is a writhing, sensual banger which allows her to explore her outer ego, trading verses, melodies and stunning vocals with SKAAR. It really is a duet in the truest sense, something iris and SKAAR were keen to achieve while working on the lyrics together, as “no one makes duets anymore!”

“I tapped into my demonic alter ego and summoned my sidekick SKAAR to conjure up some dark magic infused with pure bitch power,” says iris of the track, which is produced again with Askjell Solstrand. “To be honest, this is the least serious of my songs, but at the same time it made me so happy when we wrote it, so in a way it also means a lot to me? It’s 100% fiction and driven purely by guilty pleasures, even though we both eat boys for breakfast from time to time.” Of the recording of the track, iris notes: “who would have thought that a cabin trip in the calm Norwegian countryside would lead to an actual duet and a portal to hell?!”