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U.S. Pop Star/Refugee/Mom Debuts as UK’s #2 Artist

The mystical pop-leaning “What I Do” single and music video was helmed by Grammy-winning producer Damon Sharpe, who is known for his work producing Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez and more. Featuring a steady stream of feel-good hooks, SHAB draws on her own romantic torment, crafting raw lyrics to her lover and heartfelt reflections on surrendering herself to intimacy. Through power ballads and dance floor anthems with the upcoming album, SHAB harnesses anguish and devotion, as she traces journeys of femme self-discovery.

#ICYMI: New Video! Summer Dennis “Video Game”

“I was definitely a video game kid. Actually I’m a video game adult! My dad was really into comic books and he’s a computer genius so he had me on video games really early. We were in the studio one day and i was like “i really want to make a song for the blerds like me”… so we just decided to do it. The video has me cosplaying 2 of my favorite characters. Storm from Xmen, and Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim and the world, and some animation. It’s a song that compares a relationship to a game; discussing how the boyfriend is behaving badly, “playing me like a video game” – Summer Dennis

Big Hit, YG, UMG And Kiswe Join Forces For Global Live Streaming Platform

Big Hit Entertainment (“Big Hit”), YG Entertainment (“YG”), Universal Music Group (“UMG”), and Kiswe are joining forces to embark on a journey to launch a digital live streaming platform at a global scale.

Big Hit just announced that YG and UMG would invest in KBYK Live, a joint venture that was established with Kiswe last year. KBYK Live then officially launched VenewLive in September, the live streaming content platform. With the equity investment, YG and UMG are seeking to expand “VenewLive” further alongside Big Hit and Kiswe, in ways which a range of artists, including those signed with UMG and YG can participate.

Nashville Artist Josh Halper to Release “Honest Feeling” Video

By way of introduction, Nashville guitarist Josh Halper quips, “I was raised in Tennessee by a Jewish, New York Deadhead…” That’s not all you need to know about him, but that curious and compelling combination captures the mixture of humor, sorrow and musical virtuosity that ripples throughout Halper’s debut album, Alrightnik. Halper is a classically trained guitarist who studied at Belmont University; he spent years playing in local bands like Big Surr, Western Medication and Honey Locust, and since graduating, he’s become a go-to hired gun session musician for artists like Chris Gantry, Emily Clement and Bob Clement. Alrightnik bridges all these facets of Halper’s young but already prolific career. Constructed from the live sets he’d been playing around town, the record comprises a mix of deftly wry self-reflections, intricate guitar-forward instrumentals and one faithful Randy Newman cover, “Dayton, Ohio 1903.”

Claud Releases New Song “Guard Down” – Debut Album “Super Monster” Out This Friday!

Fast becoming the 2021 Artist You Need To Know, Claud has released a fourth track from their eagerly anticipated debut album Super Monster. “Guard Down” is 3:26 minutes of pining pop perfection, as our intrepid hero braces themselves for a return to New York City and a possible run in with last summer’s romantic interest.

Skope x TALIA (Alt-Pop): “HML” Feb 11th

TALIA continues to receive praise for her genre bending and also her ability to design serene soundscapes that bring people right in with her. This style pays off as she’s additionally gotten the attention of Refinery29, Atwood Magazine, EARMILK and received over 100,000 streams on Amazon Music. The track comes before the release of her upcoming debut EP headrush, if “HML” is any inkling of where TALIA is headed next she is just getting started.

Rising artist kazaizen, the psychedelic pop rock creation of multi-instrumentalist Jonny Kasai, from Saint Paul, MN

kazaizen bridges the gap between ’60s psychedelia and the contemporary styles of today. At one moment, surreal and melancholy, melodically drifting away with reverberating electric pianos and organs. At another, fuzzed out, synth-full, ethereal and dazed.


Written in LA in May 2019 on his first ever co-writing trip, Pete sat down with writer and producer Morgan Dorr to create the piano-heavy track. On its inception, Pete explains, “Morgan had the first line of the chorus written when I got to his place, which was, “If you never see my face again” and the three chords that played over this. We worked on the song all day and I even cancelled another session that I had booked in just so I could finish this song as it felt like this had so much potential.” After returning to Australia, the pair worked together across continents to produce the song you hear today.

Kim Hon New Single ‘Bach O Flodyn’ Out Now via Libertino Records

Eglura KIM HON ysbrydoliaeth eu sengl newydd, ‘Bach o Flodyn’:

“Eginodd y riff a ffurfiodd y gân yma o ganlyniad o wylio rhaglen ddogfen am Robert Johnson ac yna ceisio dynwared ei dechnegau o chwarae gitâr acwstig. Wrth gwrs methom chwarae unrhyw beth tebyg i’r hyn mae Johnson yn ei chwarae ond ganwyd y gân yma fel canlyniad beth bynnag”

Music video from the Canadian band, Valfreya titled ‘Warlords’

The world needs astonishing stories as outlet for strong emotions now more than ever. In the shape of Montreal’s larger-than-life metal warriors VALFREYA, it has them! And in their striking vocalist, it has its Valkyrie!

Claud shares new track ‘Guard Down’. Debut album Super Monster out 12th February via Saddest Factory

Fast becoming the 2021 Artist You Need To Know, Claud has released a fourth track from their eagerly anticipated debut album Super Monster. ‘Guard Down’ is 3:26 minutes of pining pop perfection, as our intrepid hero braces themselves for a return to New York City and a possible run in with last summer’s romantic interest.

Co-written with Cameron Hale and Mary Weitz, Claud says of the song, “I have the hardest time opening up and letting my guard down. When I wrote this song, I had just found out somebody I had feelings for started seeing someone else and my immediate emotional response was to convince myself I didn’t care, even though I really did. The verses and chorus sort of make fun of how I keep myself closed off, but my rap towards the end of the song is a super honest stream of consciousness.”

POSTDATA (Wintersleep frontman, ffo: The National, Broken Social Scene) – Shares new video, album due March 5

The new album comes produced by Ali Chant – best known for his work producing Portishead, PJ Harvey, Perfume Genius, etc – and features Andy Monaghan of Frightened Rabbit (on the track, “Inside Out”) and Paul’s Wintersleep bandmate, Tim D’Eon. To me, there’s some crossover with the sounds of The National, Wilsen, Land of Talk, Broken Social Scene and the like welding gorgeous, optimistic melodies with this occasionally stormy, and weathered music.

DARLING BOY – Revisits classic 16-bit gaming with new animated video: ‘Tea Drinkers of the World’

Continuing his no-nonsense approach to 2021, Darling BOY, the alias of actor, writer and musician Alexander Gold today shares the brand new animated video for his latest single, ‘Tea Drinkers of the World’.

Wanting to steer away from common indie-pop themes, the new video is Gold’s take on visual joy. Animated and directed by Matt Hutchings, it takes Darling BOY back to his childhood love of classic 16-bit gaming.

Ready for broadcast… Just Breathe from British pop sensation Anuladé

Talented music and visual artist, Anuladé continues her autobiographical journey through music with Just Breathe. As a singer / songwriter, she produces thought provoking and memorable music, much of which tells parts of her life story. A story that whilst recognising challenges is focussed on recovery and possibility.

A unique character is expressed in her latest single Just Breathe, but can also be seen in here previous single releases, her digital art, art commissions and her bespoke couture range.

Swedish dream-pop trio ViVii share VR video for their uplifting new single ‘One Day’

Much like their recent visuals, which have all adopted a live performance angle in some form, the clip for ‘One Day’ sees the trio drop much of the flashy production to unveil a more humbled video. Shot in two takes on a single static VR camera, these new visuals look to offer a more candid snapshot of their live chemistry, staging a chance for their fans to watch them play in the most intimate place possible.

THE HIRSCH EFFEKT To Release New EP “GREGÆR” on March 26th via Long Branch Records

German progressive metal three-piece THE HIRSCH EFFEKT have announced a new EP, titled GREGÆR, for March 26th, 2021 via Long Branch Records.

With GREGÆR, The Hirsch Effekt delivers a unique EP that shows a different side of their musical work. Together with 17 young classical musicians from Hannover, DE, the band recorded orchestral versions of their songs “Natans”, “Domstol”, and “Kollaps”, as well as the brand new song “Gregær”. All tracks have been newly arranged for this project by Anthony Williams. On GREGÆR these four recordings now merge into an EP, which will be available as a strictly limited LP version as well as streaming and download.

Loverground Shares ‘Be Patient’ Single

Loverground is the latest project from London based French-Argentinian multi-instrumentalist and producer Kevin Erlicher. The former front man of indie band Smooth Ends draws on a range of multi-media influences from around the world, resulting in his distinct lo-fi house sound. ‘Be Patient’ is the lush third single from Loverground, due for release on February 10th via Majestic Casual.

London duo Charlotte Spiral (Dan Carey collaborators) announce brand new EP ‘New Light’

Dark-alt pop duo Charlotte Spiral impressed with their debut EP Ideal Life in February 2020, garnering widespread critical acclaim, a Union Chapel show in support of Alice Boman, a Rough Trade Recommends showcase, and support from BBC6 Music. A year later, they’ve teamed up with Speedy Wunderground’s Dan Carey (Kae Tempest, Bat For Lashes, Sia) once more for their evocative new EP New Light. Confronting and examining loss, escapism, dissatisfaction and comparing oneself, the EP will be released on April 9th.

Gilligan Moss unveil feel good new single ‘Slow Down’ alongside debut album announcement

Chicago bred, Brooklyn based electronic duo Gilligan Moss kick off 2021 with new single and video ‘Slow Down’, out February 10.

Combining carefree vocals, warm instrumentation and the most infectious of basslines, ‘Slow Down’ is a fresh, feel good nu-disco / house jam that’s been crafted for an eternal summer. The track will feature on their forthcoming self-titled debut album, out April 9 on Foreign Family Collective.

THEATRE OF HATE – ‘A Thing Of Beauty’ – the new album out 30th April 2021

In 1980, Kirk Brandon formed Theatre Of Hate from the ashes of heralded punk band The Pack. Joining Kirk on vocals were notable punk musicians Stan Stammers and Luke Rendall, along with old school friend, Steve Guthrie and Canadian born John “Boy” Lennard, who revolutionised the band’s sound with his haunting sax lines.

THEATRE OF HATE announce new double album ‘A Thing Of Beauty’ – out 30th April

Feral Ghost sparkling new single ‘Say It’s Not Too Late is buzzing around the world (Music Submission Rock)

Ahead of their second studio album ‘Speed of Light’, some six years following their widely praised 2014 debut ‘A Gathering Storm’ 70s infused melodic rock outfit Feral Ghost have just landed their sparkling new single ‘Say It’s Not Too Late’.

Full of sharply defined soaring harmonies, deliciously tasty melodies and an infectious chorus that accompany hook-laden riffs, shiny keys upon a foundation of a rock-solid rhythm this is radio-friendly AOR of the highest bracket.

Lil Shxwn, “Time Lost”. STL rapper of “Nellyville” fame

Shxwn says this about his new song… ’Time Lost’ is a record I made that speaks on the ups & downs of a relationship. We all make mistakes and usually end up regretting them shortly after. When you lose someone you love, all you can think about is the Time Lost.’

ICYMI- The Classic Shoegaze You Need + The Dream Pop You Want!

“An ambient orchestration of airy, swirling bass tones and bright liquid synthsations rush rousingly around glistening guitar and light metronomic crests…” -White Light//White Heat

Immaculate is right! Portland, Maine based band, Crystal Canyon’s latest album, ‘yours with affection and sorrow’ is more than just a nod to classic shoegaze. Released on January 29, 2021 via Repeating Cloud, the album is a shimmering example of the genre at its finest. Lynda Mandolyn’s “honeyed vocals” glide over reverb soaked guitars and we can’t stop listening!

The Mother Hips Celebrate 30 Years

Legendary Northern California-based rock ‘n’ roll outfit, The Mother Hips, are celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2021. In recognition of this career milestone, the band’s record label Blue Rose is reissuing each of their ten studios albums on vinyl. The series will work its way chronologically through The Mother Hips’ discography with one LP released each month, while all proceeds from sales will benefit The Blue Rose Foundation, which provides grants for preschool scholarships to financially disadvantaged children. In only a matter of weeks since being announced, the initial pressings on the first three titles: 1992’s ‘Back To The Grotto,’ 1995’s ‘Part Timer Goes Full’ and 1996’s ‘Shoot Out,’ have already sold out.

Lithuania’s TIMID KOOKY Announce Baby Be My Spiderman EP

Lithuanian rock trio TIMID KOOKY are pleased to announce that their new EP, Baby Be My Spiderman, will be released on 20th April 2021 via The state51 Conspiracy.

As a taster of the new material, the band recently released a video for the EP’s lead single ‘Pats Sau’ which is out now on all good digital service providers.

Commenting on the track, the band said: “‘Pats Sau’ (I am for me) is a song about coming to terms with your true self. An ode to liberation from toxic overthinking and self-adjustment to find peace and fulfillment at your core.”