jess joy Announces Debut Album ‘PATREEARCHY’

Jess joy (formerly of Moon Honey) has announced her debut solo LP, PATREEARCHY, to be released on April 16, 2021.

Jess joy is a multimedia artist known for her immersive performance art experiences and banshee-esque, operatic vocals. As joy transitioned into solo artistry, PATREEARCHY blossomed. Produced by Greg Saunier (Deerhoof) this new incarnation sees jess joy made new, into a gossamer creature of mystery, twinkling strings, and dreams wrought in solar flares.

Today brings the first song from the album, “bless your name,” along with a self-directed video. Jess joy explains:

“bless your name” is a self-directed mime piece. I wanted to make a video that depicted the roots of my shame, tracing back to christian teachings of my childhood. I grew up on stories of “the original sin” (Eve as the original sinner, eating the fruit from the tree of good & evil), the forgiveness of sin (Jesus dying on the cross), & the self-fulfilling punishments of being bad (Eve discovering her nakedness & being kicked out of the garden, Judas hanging himself for having handed Jesus over for 30 silver coins).

In these seemingly harmless stories, I internalized that women should be ashamed of their bodies, desires & decisions. I exalted the martyrdom of Jesus Christ, someone who would take on the sins of the whole world & free us from our shame. In the video, I treat my guitar as my cross to show my attempt to sublimate sin through the emotional labor of music.”