Dj Amaze x AG Presents “456”

There is a reason Dj Amaze is known as The Icon: he proved himself to the doubtful world that his full-time DJ career wasn’t a flop. The Wilmington, Del. Native by way of Phila, PA manifested his dreams to be bigger than anyone had ever expected and can say he’s worked with Kanye West, Borgore, J. Cole. You might’ve heard his name and work on Sirius XM Radio, KJMM KJamz Tulsa, and WOCQ OC 104, or through his desirable MC and event hosting gigs like Spring Break in Nassau, Bahamas, Cancun, Mexico and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. His high-energy songs and dancehall fuse have been heard throughout the world on favored singles like “#ReggaeGoldChallenge” and “I Love Em All.” DJ Amaze is a veteran of the business and adapted to the changes throughout the years to stay on top. He has always been a man of philanthropy and found his start by volunteering in non-profit radio by studying the art of scratching and blending. He started the “Hey Mr. DJ” workshops to inspire and educate youth and adults on how to master the craft. The patience and consideration DJ Amaze has overflows into his music; his sunny and organic tracks warm you up on a cold, unexciting day.

AG, Alexandar Grant, is a Jamaican-American artist with a voice like no other. Whether he’s writing alone, working in the studio, or on set for a music video, AG is always hustling and striving to be the best.

The pandemic restricted social gatherings, but Dj Amaze and AG know how to throw a party while keeping the group size intimate in the new music video “456.” Director Yikes Lee breaks down the process of making the song and portrays every step from the creation process in the studio to the staging of a music video. This flavorful island track needs a clip to match its vigor, and what’s better than girls ready to party and artists that know how to dictate the camera with just their presence. AG supplies his supercharged vocals, instructs the models to “drop it like a pro,” and they don’t hesitate to do what they’re told. The set itself is a modest production, but the track and the dancing do more than enough to enrich the vitality of the backdrop (the “456” face masks even complement the club attire.) The song has received major airplay love from Power 99 FM Philadelphia and Power 101.7 FM and internet buzz with the #NewWineUpChallenge. It might still be winter over there in Delaware, but Dj Amaze and AG sure are bringing some summer heat.