Best Tips to Boost Your Productivity

Who doesn’t want to get more done in less time? If you need to boost your productivity, you need to follow some of these strategies and you will soon see great results.

Pareto principle which states that 20% of the effort gives 80% of the result, and the other 80% of the effort – only 20% of the result. Law 20/80 is applicable in almost all spheres of life. According to Pareto’s rule, you should do all the unimportant tasks when your productivity is low. For example, many people can not immediately join the work process, after coming to the office. They need to talk to colleagues, have a cup of coffee or do something else to help them adjust to work. Only then will they be able to work productively. It is important to prioritize work tasks. Try to perform important tasks at a time of day when your performance will be at the highest level.

Three important tasks. Many people make to-do lists and this makes the workflow more organized. For this purpose we have a lot of specialized programs for our smartphones and computers. Try to start your day with writing three most important tasks of the day and then focus all your efforts on this short list. If you have time to complete them ahead of time, you can do something else. Don’t forget about prioritization. First of all, perform important tasks, and then move on to less priority. Do not overload yourself with a lot of tasks: it is better to do less, but more qualitatively.

Have breaks from time to time. Find a few minutes every hour or so to meditate, have a walk, talk to your colleague, etc. The reduction of the workload will not make you lazier or negatively affect your productivity. On the contrary, you will let your thoughts have a little rest and return to work with more enthusiasm.

It is important to understand that multitasking doesn’t make us more productive at all, it’s a myth. In fact, when we focus on many tasks at once, it negatively affects our productivity and concentration. No matter how well you adapt to work in multitasking mode, your productivity will be much less than if you choose to focus on a single task from start to finish.

Information diet. Nowadays, overloading your brain with information is as simple as getting a heat stroke in the desert. And even the symptoms are similar: sleep disturbances, distracted attention, delayed reaction. Our brain is overloaded with information noise. In today’s world, people are constantly looking for news, even though they surround us everywhere. Just think about the amount of the emails, blogs, newspapers and magazines you read. Are they really so important for you? Try to get as little information as possible that you don’t need at least for a week and see how it affects your productivity.

Use software that can boost your productivity. The choice of the possibilities and applications is huge nowadays. Find those that will work the best for you. For example, you can use a reminder with all the tasks you need to do in time, or voice messenger when you don’t have time to type SMS or write an email, etc.