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Breakout Metal Stars TETRARCH to Release New Album, “Unstable”, on April 30, 2021

After making massive strides at media, radio, streaming and beyond in 2020, breakout metal stars TETRARCH are about to own 2021 with the release of their highly anticipated sophomore full-length album, Unstable, scheduled to drop on April 30 via Napalm Records! The album is available for pre-order in several exciting formats, beginning today.

Nashville Ambient Ensemble announce debut LP ‘Cerulean’, arriving March 19th on Centripetal Force Records!

On this track (and the album in general), I was inspired compositionally by the modal jazz of John Coltrane and Miles Davis. Using modal jazz and bluegrass as a model, I wanted to create a non-hierarchical setting where no one player was given priority over another. On this track, the mixolydian mode and very simple chord changes provide a static foundation for the soloists to step into the foreground one-by-one. John Coltrane believed strongly in the transformative power of music – hence the title, “Conversion,” is a nod to that sensibility. – Michael Hix, NAE

FINNEAS Releases ‘American Cliché.’

Six-time GRAMMY® Award-winning musician, songwriter and producer FINNEAS returns today with “American Cliché,” a fan-favorite from his rousing live set, written, produced and performed by the 23-year old.

Dafnis Prieto’s “Cry With Me” Video Premiere

Dafnis writes, ”Cry with Me’ is an invitation to our most vulnerable place, when we cry. Being able to cry with someone, to trust them, is not as simple as it seems. You might laugh with many, but would you say the same about crying?’

Revenge Wife – The new lo-fi, horror pop solo project from Elizabeth Nistico

Today Elizabeth Nistico, co-founder and lead singer of indie darling duo HOLYCHILD, unveils her new solo art project, Revenge Wife, and releases her debut single “Earthquake” from her Background Songs for Your Boring Life, Part I. “Earthquake” kicks off Revenge Wife’s new sad girl bedroom pop four track EP featuring pulsating, lo-fi vintage synths. It combines minimalist indie pop production with catchy melodies, clever 90s’ video game inspired sample, and raw lyrics that focus on relationships and trying to trust love. Inspired by dreams, mystical experiences, and a lot of self-reflection, the songs provide a vehicle for Nistico to open up about the trauma that shaped her life. The EP will be accompanied by a series of horror-themed videos directed by Nistico herself, which will culminate in a surreal nightmarish short film.

Har Mar Superstar Announces LP Via The AV Club, Shares “Where We Began”, ‘Roseville’ Out March 5th

Welcome to Roseville, the 7th studio album by Har Mar Superstar. Sean Tillmann’s latest collection of songs is career defining culmination of life and musical experiences that were heavily influenced by 70s AM gold artists including Todd Rundgren, Elton John, Carole King, David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Genesis, Hall and Oates, Meat Loaf, Dory Previn, and ELO. The album came together in the late months of 2020 and is the first true collaborative effort of the whole touring band. It was distance recorded by all of the members in their home studios and the band’s home base, Mid City Studio, in Minneapolis. It has been described as an “existential homecoming” that chronicles Tillmann’s return to life as a Minnesotan over the last 5 years.

Franky Wah debuts on Anjunadeep with “Should Have Seen it Coming”

A four-track EP, “Should Have Seen It Coming” opens with the lead title track, an emotion-drenched vocal cut pairing poignant breakdowns with the soaring vocals of AETHO. Next up, “The Last Stand” sees the Yorkshireman shift to a progressive house vibe while maintaining the intensity of the opener before “91” again centers around an irresistible trance breakdown. Closing things out, the fluttering “Boundaries” is a sophisticated, ethereal house jam that proves to be a fitting finale. Showcasing the artistry that led to the union of artist and label, the skyrocketing DJ will be the next to take the reins on the iconic Anjunadeep Edition mix series, further cementing the new additions place in the roster.

Purgatory share new single & announce sophomore album ‘Lawless To Grave’ out 4/9

Midwest hardcore band, Purgatory, announced that their sophomore full-length Lawless To Grave is due out April 9th via Unbeaten Records. To celebrate the announcement the group, dubbed Midwest Street Metal, shared their new single “No One Gets Out Alive” today. The highly anticipated follow up to their widely lauded debut Cold Side of Reality finds the band at their most adversarial, taking no prisoners while lashing out at systems of oppression and personal relationships mired by distrust, abuse, and religion.

Manchester Orchestra teams up with USERx on “Headsick”

On the collaboration Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra said: “I became friends with Matt a few years ago and have loved watching him continue to create and evolve into an amazing artist. It was a no brainer when he asked to collaborate and when I heard the initial bones of this song, it became all the more exciting. Matt and Roz are a really complimentary team and the final product gave me the chills.”

ÂGE ⱡ TOTAL : embrace your inner doom hero with debut album streaming in full!

Are you ready to experience doom metal in a previously unheard and life-changing way? Then prepare your ears and hearts for what’s to come, as ÂGE ⱡ TOTAL, the collaborative outfit of ENDLESS FLOODS and GREYFELL, premiere their mountain-sized debut album exclusively on Cvlt Nation today.

“ÂGE ⱡ TOTAL clearly want to offer more than just heavy, and achieve this in part by expanding the sound palette beyond the standard heavy-band instrumentation.” — The Sleeping Shaman

Hear the Cosmic Heavy that is the ÂGE ⱡ TOTAL Debut

Chrissie Romano Band – New Album – ‘Somewhere along the Way’

Chrissie Romano Band brings such spirit into the singer-songwriting tradition on “Somewhere Along the Way”. Going for a heartfelt sound, the Chrissie Romano Band features incredible acoustic guitar playing. The gracious elements interplay with such perfection, for they incorporate acoustic rock, folk, and more into a singular thoughtful sound. Such a gorgeous approach they have a classic quality to them carefully sidestepping trends to create something timeless. By far though the center of the album comes from her careful lyricism every line of which is delivered with such soul.

@skopemag Q&A Featuring Chrissie Romano Band – New Album – ‘Somewhere along the Way’

Bad Waitress (Royal Mountain) Share “Pre Post-Period Blues”

Today, Toronto’s Bad Waitress are sharing their ripping new song “Pre Post-Period Blues”, their first new material since last year’s “That Sedative”. Having played shows with artists like Fucked Up, L7, Rise Against and The Bronx, and making appearances at The Fest, Basilica Soundscapes, NXNE, Hollow Fest, Crystal Lake, Pouzza Fest and more, the band is back with the dizzying track, described by vocalist Kali-Ann Butala (she/her) as a “bloody, mucky, kaleidoscopic come down”.

Matthew Alec and The Soul Electric Share New Single “Baby You Got Me”

“Meeting Brian Woods was a godsend to me, both personally and musically,” Matthew Alec shares. “We just connect on so many levels. As a pianist, he plays a wide variety of styles at a high level and laid down the perfect complement to every tune on the album. Of course, he’s a great vocalist, too, and I really wanted him to have the chance to show that on the album. The basic premise of the album was to do a modern take on the classic sax-driven fusion records of the ‘70s and a lot of those had a tune or two that featured a vocalist. He came over to my apartment one afternoon before a gig and he mapped out what would be ‘Baby You Got Me.’ He had most of it written in a matter of minutes. I was blown away.”

Soul and Funk Force of Nature Raw Soul Express Return after 45 Years with New Single and Raw Music Video for ‘Fate of the World’

With no airbrushing and no studio trickery, Raw Soul Express are still the soul and funk force of nature they were when they released their first album 45 years ago and their new single, Fate of the World, sees the band as tight and as vital as ever. Retaining their original core members, a feat almost unheard of in the music world, the band are still at the top of their game, creating a track with delicious melodies, thought-provoking lyrics and extraordinary musicianship and vocals. Raw Soul Express have produced another killer tune for not only their legions of existing fans but for audiences of all kinds who love real music.

The Neighbourhood Watch Release ‘Lost in Bloom’ LP

Based in Toronto, The Neighbourhood Watch have spent the last three years riding on beginner’s luck. Whether it was learning to play their instruments while writing their first album Community Protected, or stumbling through the production of their second record Goodbye Childhood, The Neighbourhood Watch have grown alongside their music.

Juanita Stein Releases Video For New Single ‘Lucky’

Juanita Stein has released a video for her new single,’Lucky’, taken from her brilliant new album, Snapshot (out now via Nude Records/Handwritten Records USA). The video provides the perfect moody backdrop to the song which, with the rest of the album, was written and recorded in the months following Stein’s father’s passing in 2019.


“‘Chase’ is the beginning of me showcasing my versatility as an artist,” Rozei shared. “I don’t want to be held down to any specific mood or genre & the vibe of this track speaks for that.”

Young People’s Chorus of NYC Continues to Enrich Young Lives Through Power of Music

Representing youth from all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds, the YPC has been a leader in inclusive arts since founder and conductor Francisco Núñez launched the organization more than three decades ago. As a son of immigrants from Dominican Republic and Haiti, Núñez grew up in a low-income neighborhood in New York City and did not have the capacity to connect with people outside of his own community. Music was his bridge, and YPC was his way of paying it forward.

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Frontiers Music Srl is thrilled to announce the return of Sweet Oblivion, the musical project centered around revered vocalist Geoff Tate. The new album, “Relentless” is produced by Aldo Lonobile (Secret Sphere, Archon Angel, Timo Tolkii’s Avalon) and will be released on April 9, 2021. Today, fans can get their first taste of the album with the release of the single ‘Strong Pressure’.


About this version, he commented, “The inspiration behind this video was to make the listener feel like they’re in the room during a very tense conversation.”

In the intimate visual, he sings directly to his lover as the camera circles their heated emotional exchange in a 360-degree rotation. His intense expression accentuates the confessional verses with urgency and raw feeling, telling the story through the lyrics. Meanwhile, his voice coasts over stripped-down guitar as it rises and falls with pure passion. The original “Still Your Best” remains a standout from his critically acclaimed 2020 When It’s All Said And Done EP.

Healy Releases Music Video For “Everything’s Fine” Today

Performing under only his last name, Healy embodies cardinal themes of his work like self-discovery and non-dualism. He released his debut album Subluxe in 2017 in the wake of his second year of medical school. The album has nearly 60 million audio streams. The lead single, “Unwind,” caught the internet on its heels, helping to establish Healy’s fixed presence as a promising multidimensional artist in a mercurial musical climate. His work is a fearless transgression—a tonal gradient with origins in classic and indie rock, soul, and Memphis rap. The second single, “Reckless” has nearly 50 million streams on Spotify.

VOLA To Release New Album Witness On May 21st

The genre-welding Danish-Swedish quartet VOLA return with their brand-new studio album titled Witness on May 21, released on Mascot Records. Ahead of this they have revealed the official video for “Straight Lines,” which can be screened here: https://youtu.be/DhcsSfCbl7Y. The band offers, “”We are thrilled to present to you ‘Straight Lines,’ our brand-new single from our upcoming album ‘Witness.’ ‘Straight Lines’ follows the theme of a hunt, where the hunted has to find creative ways to escape while the threat is closing in. Once again, we have worked with the Finnish director duo Riivata Visuals, to bring our music to life visually and invite you on an adventure.”

New Release from Biscodini Organ Trio: “Lockdown”

The Hammond B3-guitar-drums format is among the most durable combo configurations in the music. But its elasticity was perhaps never tested as greatly as on the Biscodini Organ Trio’s remarkable new release Lockdown, which was recorded and co-produced remotely during the nationwide pandemic quarantine of 2020 by three gifted, versatile Los Angeles-based musicians. –Chris Morris

I’m not one to ever toot my own horn, but I’ll toot it for this band. This band is killing, and it stands up to anything that’s out there in this genre. –Anonymous Biscodini Band Member

Lil Durk Drops New Single “Love You Too” Featuring Kehlani

Hot on the heels of “The Voice” Deluxe release, Lil Durk drops his new single “Love You Too” featuring R&B songstress Kehlani. The track acts as the official remix to the original single “Love You” off of Durk’s most recent project.

Michael C. Hall, Peter Yanowitz & Matt Katz-Bohen As Trio – Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum

Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum will release their debut album, THANKS FOR COMING, on February 12th. The trio is comprised of vocalist, lyricist, musician and actor Michael C. Hall (Dexter, Six Feet Under, Hedwig and the Angry Inch), drummer Peter Yanowitz (The Wallflowers, Morningwood) and keyboardist Matt Katz-Bohen (Blondie).

Michael C. Hall’s band Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum share new track ‘Armageddon Suite’

Alternative Singer-Songwriter PORTAIR Shares New Single; Signs To Nettwerk 

The Sydney born and Los Angeles based artist explains, “This song is written from a childhood to young adult perspective. It’s all about nostalgia and where life takes you. The paper plane in the sky is a metaphor that I thought of for throwing your faith into the unknown of where life may take you and following it wherever it goes. It’s about being unafraid and trusting in yourself and believing in the power of your own mind.”

Copenhagen Rockers MYTHIC SUNSHIP Announce New LP ‘Wildfire’ – Release New Single “Maelstrom”

Copenhagen-based quintet MYTHIC SUNSHIP have established themselves among Europe’s finest purveyors of psychedelic music; bridging the gap between heavy riff worship and expansive, free-jazz experimentation.

[Psihodrom Records] Vlaicu Golcea – HIKIKOMORI OST

PSIHODROM RECORDS announces the launch of the HIKIKOMORI OST soundtrack signed by composer Vlaicu Golcea. With a discography of over 30 albums released in his country and abroad, and a significant number of concerts in most European countries, composer and performer Vlaicu Golcea carries out his musical activity in various sectors of syncretic and interdisciplinary arts: theater music, film documentary, feature and short film, animation, multimedia installations, interventions in public spaces and performances. Having spent approximately 20 years on the jazz scene, since 1996, he can easily be considered one of the pioneers who integrated electronic music and computers in this field, especially with the bands East Village, MIDI Overdose and Aievea.


“fools (can’t help falling in love)” has already garnered more than 36 million views on TikTok alone and over 13 million plays across other streaming platforms. The 23-year-old takes Elvis’ timeless hit, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, and transforms it into an even more easy-to-love, lo-fi hip hop anthem. Produced by Columbia label-mate Sarcastic Sounds, Foster’s rework modernizes the original track’s core messages of lovelorn yearning, self-doubt, and joy into one of modern-day unrequited love, which is amplified by the emotion-packed video.

The Shootouts Announce Sophomore Album “Bullseye” – Out April 30th

Before the pedal steel sneaks in, with a flurry of Telecaster picking and an earnest, pure country voice, The Shootouts’ new album Bullseye doesn’t waste time getting to the point; they’ve done their homework. Equal parts vintage Nashville, Texas swing, and Bakersfield bravado, The Shootouts’ sophomore album draws heavily from the music on which the band’s members were brought up, packaging all of country music’s classic subgenres in their modern, signature sound. Produced by former BR459 lead singer Chuck Mead, Bullseye shows The Shootouts mining their roots and expanding the territory they explored with their debut album, Quick Draw. The songs invoke a wide array of country music’s most important contributors, lassoing the band’s classic influences and bringing them straight into the present.

Video Premiere: The Shootouts Share Ohio Lore on Rowdy ‘Rattlesnake Whiskey’