How To Avoid A Motorcycle Accident

Reports show that some 80 percent of road traffic collisions that involve motorcycles result in either injury or worse, death. Because of this, it is important that motorcyclists do everything that they can to keep safe whilst out on the road.

Wear the right gear

For each and every journey that is done on a motorcycle, the correct protective clothing should be worn. This includes long sleeves and long pants that are made out of either a thick material or leather. Durable boots, eye protection, and gloves are all also recommended in order to keep the rider safe. When taking a ride out during the winter months, it is also important to wear plenty of layers underneath the protective clothing in order to keep warm.

Where possible, choose to wear bright, vivid colors with reflective parts so that visibility is no issue, regardless of how dark it is outside. Any helmet that is worn should be a full face one that has been approved by the Department of Transportation. Again this should be a light or bright color for extra visibility. By wearing a crash helmet, riders are much less likely to experience any major trauma to the brain when involved in a motorcycle accident.

Be alert

Similarly, for added visibility, the headlight on the motorcycle should be kept on both day and night. By riding in the middle of the road, it makes a motorcycle much more visible to other vehicles. It is a fact of life that no matter what the laws are, some people do still text and use their cell phone whilst driving; because of this, it is important to remain vigilant and be alert at all times whilst on a motorcycle. Be aware of hazards in the road, such as potholes, sand, and rail road tracks, as these can pose a real danger when travelling at speed.

Some 40 % of motorcycle accidents where the rider dies are because they were alcohol impaired. In over one third of crashes that are fatal, excessive speed is the main cause. This is way obeying the speed laws and not drinking any alcohol at all are important when going out for a ride. When planning on going out for a ride, check the weather before hand in order to ensure that it is optimal for a nice, safe ride. Where it is raining, take rain gear and even an extra change of clothes in order to stay dry and comfortable at all times.

Know your stuff

For those who are new to riding a motorcycle, they can benefit from taking a safety course. In fact, it can also be a good thing for more experienced riders to do also in order to refresh their knowledge. By taking one of the online classes provided by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) some insurers will provide a discount on the cost of taking out a policy with them.

These types of courses also provide legal info so that a rider knows what their rights are should they be involved in an accident.