How can you move on from love after you go through a divorce or break up?

Love and its loss are two integral parts of the human experience and there can be few of us who don’t get to experience both many times in our life. Especially in our younger days. But it is part of the cycle of life and the silver-lining of suffering the heartbreak of a relationship coming to an end is that it makes us stronger people in the long run. Although that is of little comfort at the time.

It is only natural to mourn and feel sorry for ourselves at such times, it does often feel as if nothing will ever be the same again, that life isn’t worth going on with. But it is, and this period of sadness is all part of the cycle. Getting through such times is different for everyone but we do get through them. But there is no magic wand, no right or wrong way to go through the process. Whatever works for you is what works for you. The phrase that I always come back to is the famous John Lennon quote…whatever gets you through the night. And you cant argue with a Beatle!

One way to put things behind you is to use this major change in your life to reinvent yourself, to draw a line under the past and become a new, different, better you. Not with any notion of making the ex-partner rethink their decision, although that is always a nice feeling, more as a way of breaking the old patterns, ones which come with constant reminders of what you have been through.

Perhaps try a change of career. Go back to school or retrain. And maybe you can use your new-found time to open up a side income, blogging or an online e-commerce business, something that can provide a fairly passive income or be run in the hours which best suit you. You might have to get up to speed with the likes of WordPress and work with an SEO agency in Toronto to get things up and running but such home working projects are the way the world is going, so why not surf the same wave.

Take up a new hobby or sport. If you have always been the stay at home TV type, bookworm or online gamer, then why not get out into the great wide open and roughen up those soft edges. Soccer, Football, and Baseball are all obvious options but why not try night fishing, trail running or grab yourself a rifle or a light crossbow and take up target sport or hunting.

And of course, if you really want to put all the memories of the past behind you then you could even consider moving. Put all those familiar locations and memory lanes in the rear view mirror and build yourself a new life elsewhere. It’s easier than you think. Just pick a place that you like the sound of, be it Los Angeles, Buenos Aires or Berlin, contact the moving company near me and let them carry you to a new chapter of your life.