How do you know when you should buy a home with an in-law suite?

Ageing is a fact of life. You cant turn the clock back, all you can do is hope that your family are there to help you when age begins to catch up on you. And before you get to that point yourself you may also find that you are the one considering making the move to a home where you can accommodate your elderly parents or in-laws.

Although some signs that you might want to consider such a move are obvious, such as their failing health or that their own home is too large or difficult to negotiate, others are not. Humans are social creatures and so we thrive on companionship and that is something which gets more important and often harder to find as we get older.

An in-law suite, as part of your house, is the best of both worlds when considering your options. You are close by for emergencies and social contact but they get to live their own life largely separate from yours too. It also makes things easier for them to maintain their own social life or have the perfect space to arrange elderly companion care without getting in the way of the rest of the household. 

And spare a thought for decor and furniture when furnishing their new abode. Firstly, it needs to feel like their own home so make sure that there are enough familiar objects and memorabilia, photos and other items which add fond memories to the space. But you also have to think practically too. Those modern barstools might look great in your kitchen but perhaps something more comfortable and easily accessed is the better, not to mention safer option, in this case.

And make sure you include your elderly relative in your own social activities too. The days are probably gone when you might grab your rifles or crossbow bolts and go on father and son bonding expeditions, but gentle walks, games nights, days away and the like will help you build new experiences and new memories to go with those from your younger days.