New Video By Robyn McCorquodale “We All Fly Together or We Don’t Fly at All”

An artist’s versatility depends on more than the music they make or the instruments they play; it is also contingent on their adaptation in the industry and the substance of their work. Robyn McCorquodale is distinguished by her “vivacious optimism” as noted by Tom Harrison from The Province, Vancouver and her music is credited as “powerful and uplifting” by John Hoglund of Cabaret Scenes, NYC. As a vocalist, pianist, and songwriter, McCorquodale’s desire is to uplift and empower listeners with her music of fearless self-examination. She is the creator of the multi-media presentation Diary of a Piano Girl, a unique concert that showcases her journey as a performer on all seven continents.

She has studied and trained in music her whole life. She received a music degree from the University of British Columbia; training as a classical musician enhanced her musical resume and expanded her expertise as an international performer. McCorquodale is a master of fusing classical music with contemporary pop, but every publication agrees that her style is uniquely much her own. Her vivid lyrics make her a prime storyteller, and her rich piano playing sweetens her delicate tones. The singer has absorbed many external influences: all that blend into a “riveting songstress” that is solely Robyn, as exclaimed by Andrew Martin, NiteLife Exchange, NYC.

As the world has been in disarray for nearly a year due to the pandemic, many feel that the passing of each day brings nothing favorable. It’s hard to maintain faith when cases continue to rise and lockdowns resume. Robyn McCorquodale is here to change the narrative with her new music video “We Fly Together or We Don’t Fly at All.” The title is self-explanatory: as a group, as a community, as a nation, we must work together to get through this, or we will get nowhere. She strides across Vancouver’s scenic bridge and through the ocean-lined forests surrounding the city, glowing as she celebrates health care professionals and medical first responders. Initially, the track was inspired by Robyn’s meaningful role as a caregiver to her parents and her realization that although the caregiver journey can be overwhelming on your own, it can be rewarding and magical when you have a team effort supporting you. When COVID first hit – and she was locked out of her parents’ care home – Robyn kept daily communication with the team and realized how relevant “We Fly Together or We Don’t Fly at All” was to the current crisis. The instrumentals gleam as Robyn’s organic ballads complete the song; the strength ahead is worth the united struggle we have now.