How Injectable Fillers Work in Very Thin Lips

Among the most applied office-based cosmetic treatments is the use of injectable fillers. People love them because the results are realized within minutes and last for several months. Who wouldn’t love to spend a few bucks on a procedure that is highly effective and has minimal risk? Users praise their experience of the immediate results.

The lips are the most popular of all facial injections. In this era, every woman wants to have larger lips. Of course, she will look younger and more beautiful with such lips. Lip injection Beverly Hills provides you with an instant method of achieving more sensual lips.

Most women who use lip injections do so to increase the upper lip’s size to match that of the lower lip. To increase the size of the upper lip proportionally, you need to have adequate vermilion for the lip to expand both horizontally and vertically. Less vermilion means the fillers will only push your lips horizontally, which only creates a “duckbill” appearance. 

Some people believe that ‘thin lips can’t be made big while big lips cab be made bigger.’ This isn’t true. However, the statement could be true when referring to very thin upper lips. You can somewhat increase the size of thin upper lips with the use of lip fillers Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, the lips may not be luscious if not done professionally. If you realize you didn’t achieve the size you targeted, you will likely get an unnatural look due to the low level of vermilion.

Professional and experienced plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills will advise you on a realistic outcome if you have very thin lips. Injectable lip fillers are always the first approach for anyone to achieve the desired size of lips. These injectable fillers are great for their simplicity and reversibility. The two factors make people consider them safe for use.

Vermilion advancement is the most effective and permanent lip enlargement procedure. Unfortunately, many people don’t want to invest in this procedure because it is irreversible.

Most doctors prefer using hyaluronic-acid based fillers such as Juvaderm and Restylane in lip injections. The hyaluronic gels have limited side effects and are easy to inject because they flow smoothly through a small 30 gauge injection needle.

The hyaluronic-acid based fillers also produce a soft enlargement with minimal irregularities. Again, they are available in a variety of concentrations that serve you for varying periods. The concentrations can serve for three months to a year. These fillers’ prices also vary for the patients to choose the ones that suit their needs and budget.

It’s advisable to use shorter-lasting hyaluronic fillers on patients with very thin lips. At affordable budgets, you can find injections that will make enough difference. If you have such lips, it would be great if you avoid using longer-lasting fillers for the first time. However, you can use them later.

Having read through this content, I hope you can make a more informed decision to make your lips bigger.