Growing plants using full spectrum led grow lights


Water is a very essential need for the plants to grow. In the process of photosynthesis, water plays a very important role. but every water is not suited by plant. Only good water with maintained pH is required by the plant. Maintenance of the plant through proper pH level is an absolute must requirement. The pH of the water must be between 5.5 to 6.5.


If the plant is providing us food to eat with many nutrition. Then, it also requires food with good nutrient. the food provided to the plant must be delivered in the proper dosages. It becomes even more critical when you have to cultivate hydroponics, as the nutrients you provide them would nowhere to be stored for later use.


Plants need a proper environment that must be maintained surrounding them for the good air circulation and proper temperature and humidity. The proper concentration of carbon dioxide is not an absolute must because it is also harmful for human intake and you must take precautions properly.

4.Lighting methods

lighting methods also play a very important role in yielding of crops. plants take sunlight from the environment to grow better and keep their temperature normal. but if you are cultivating the plant inside your house then it is very much possible for the plant to not have the direct sunlight. You must have full spectrum LED grow light besides your plant to make it a better one.

Full spectrum led grow lights have some special growing methods that ensure maximum fruiting or yielding from your crops. You must keep your canopy of plants trimmed 2 uniform lenses so that the light could disperse in equal parts of the plant. As the canopy will be the only part to receive the meaningful light from the full spectrum led grow light, we advise trimming off the undergrowth leaves and stems.

Having enough light exposure is the key to your plants ability to process the reaction of photosynthesis. Plant gets general nutrition and optimal fruiting due to the good lighting provided by full spectrum led grow lights. These lights should be placed as close as possible to your plant so that the coverage area of your plant could be maintained.

Using the led grow lights, the penetration for the plant is minor. Strict lighting scheduled should be maintained for the plant so that it could experience the mimic of sunlight. the turning off and on the light plays a very vital role of in tuning the particular crop and stage of growth. Because some plants need clone and vegetation stages of 18 or more hours of light a day, whereas, some plants can even take 12 hours or less than it to bring their full productivity.

Full spectrum led grow lights provide a plant the best suited timing and red and far-red light spectrum. This light is also used as an outdoor environment to hinder the crop from flowering.