Dylan Cartlidge (singer-songwriter from Redcar in the North East of England) ‘Molasses (Walk The Walk)’

‘Molasses (Walk The Walk)’ is assured to get anyone up and moving with the new track showcasing Dylan’s trademark soul-tinged, infectious style wrapped within his indie, funk and r&b sensibilities as he addresses the theme of hitting a personal slump, losing sight of your ambitions and goals and finding your way back to your old self again. The single is accompanied by an animated lyric video with striking 70’s inspired visuals, in keeping with Dylan’s funk influences.


Speaking on ‘Molasses (Walk The Walk)’ (which Dylan co-produced with Ed Irwin-Singer (Glass Animals)), Dylan said; “I wrote this song after a particularly tough time when I was experiencing burnout following touring. The song reflects the feeling of hitting a slump and losing control of achieving your goals and dreams – it’s about finding yourself scrambling to find that part of yourself again or being prepared to ‘fake it til you make it’ whilst trying to find your old self.”