Zoe Clark Releases New Single “Last One Standing”

Zoe Clark’s latest single, “Last One Standing,” is out now. She is a powerful vocalist and songwriter in Nashville, TN, who harnesses her life experiences to deliver raw, honest and vulnerable songs that are very relatable and cut to the heart. She creates music that resonates with love and pain that inspires her listeners. Zoe has dedicated her life to songwriting and performing. Showcasing the power of her writing, Zoe is driving forward with this new single release, with this song as the beginning of a new collection of notable, energetic pop tracks coming in 2021.

“Last One Standing” is a fun and relatable song about the strength of loving yourself outside of a relationship. This pop-driven and edgy release is a reminder that there is strength in not conforming to the world’s idea of what or how a person should or shouldn’t be. This guitar powered anthem with a danceable groove tells hard truths with a smile and sass while the bass line guides you through with the same conviction of the lyrics.


Zoe wrote this song with fellow writer Autumn Byssee. “It was one of those moments where we were in this room with twinkly lights and candles and time just stopped. The first thing Autumn said to me when we walked into the room was on a scale of 1-10 how bitter are you?” So, we wrote exactly that. Two hours later we had a song.” Encouraging the listener to be themselves and that it’s ok to be unique, no matter what anyone else thinks, even if you are the “Last One Standing”.

This single is a departure from her last EP, Lovers Mark. Leaving the romanticism behind to explore her real self and her true feelings about life and relationships, Zoe continues to evolve as an artist with songs that connect with the listener. Produced by Drew Schueler, “Last One Standing” is available everywhere now.