Why is my music ignored on Spotify?

Why does no one notice my music? I am sure, that at least once in your music career you’ve asked yourself his question. Maybe, in search of an answer, you thought about popular artists and bands, and the reason to their popularity. At the first glance, you are similar to them. Both of you create music, upload it on Spotify, but he or she gets hundreds of thousands of plays and followers, and you get nothing. It is not fair. What can you do about it? Write more songs? Upload more often? Create hundreds of fake accounts and listen to your songs from them? No! All those ideas worth nothing. The world is moving very fast, so you need to take a more modern approach – music promotion Spotify! Yes, this is really the best thing to do. Want to know why? Then read further!

So, let’s start with Spotify. What are your opportunities there? Spotify offers more than 6o million songs and more than 150 thousand of musicians for its audience of 120 million people in total. So you’ve chosen to be one of these hundred thousands. And I hope you realize the level of competitiveness there. Everyone wants to get to the major league. So you need to have a big advantage over them. So, music promotion can be this advantage. Or should we call it an ace in your sleeve? 

How does music promotion Spotify work? Just like on any other music streaming services each musician and each song has special parameters, that determine the popularity. So, on Spotify such parameters are the number of plays, the number of followers, and so on. Numbers. It’s all about numbers. So to become popular you need to increase your numbers. And that’s exactly what music promotion does. With competent promotion your numbers will grow steadily, and your success will be inevitable. If your numbers grow, your song gets promoted and noticed by Spotify algorithms. More appearance in recommendations,  top-charts, popular playlists, and so on. And that’s exactly what you need. 

Is this legal? Of course. Every musician nowadays who is somehow popular does music promotion. And this is also an answer to the question of fairness. It’s fair, if everyone does it, right? Plus, modern music promotion is more of an attraction of new followers in organic ways. Only real people, real plays, and so on. Real. This word characterizes the music promotion in full. And now you know everything you need to know. So it is the time for you to decide, are you willing to take the risks and spend a couple bucks to make yourself a boost? I am sure you will, and trust me, you will not be disappointed. The true success awaits you, so grab it! Make your dreams come true! Be the star you always wanted to be!