Obsimo – The disappeared audience & “Humdrum”

Obsimo’s new single “Humdrum” that long monotonous feeling that one feels during successive confinements in the face of this lack of sociability, in the face of this terrible cultural void.

This live session, carried out in one shot in an empty venue. The message behind it’s the frightening silence of deserted concert halls… In the middle of Obsimo’s performance, when the spotlights illuminate the pit, it is to reveal rows of seats sadly unoccupied for almost a year.

The Obsimo duo: Andrei (sound) and Antonin (image), has the power to plunge us into a dreamlike and vibratory world. The power, so palpable through its techno/pop and cinematic style, delivers a strong and incisive live show. Obsimo dilutes time, taking us into punchy dancing spirals with endless echoes…