Our competent attorneys have successfully handled various severe personal injury cases involving explosions at petrochemical factories and oil refineries. For more than 50 years, the law firm Zehl & Associates has provided professional services and represents individuals injured by petrochemical accidents and those occurring in refineries. Our expert refinery explosion lawyers have witnessed the disastrous consequences that accidents cause in these people and their families’ lives, and we have seen the tragedy caused by the death of a worker in a refinery or the petrochemical industry.

Injuries in Refinery accidents

The injuries a worker can sustain from an oil or natural gas accident include:

  • Burns (from fire, steam, and chemicals)
  • Chemical Release / Oil Spills
  • Falls and lack of fall prevention system
  • Refinery explosions
  • PostTraumatic Stress Disorder or “PTSD.”

Many of the injuries resulting from accidents in the petrochemical industry and refineries (including injuries to the spine and brain caused by falls and burns from explosions and boiling liquid) cause serious injuries that prevent the injured worker return to work. Many of the injuries are permanent, and many of them are fatal. 

Identify the Parties Responsible for Accidents in the Petrochemical Industry and Refineries

Our attorneys have experience handling petrochemical and refinery accident cases. They have a keen understanding of state and federal regulations on the manufacture and storage of petrochemicals, liquid petroleum, petroleum, industrial chemicals, and natural gas. Our firm also knows the guidelines of the United States Chemical Safety and Investigation Commission (CSB” for Chemical Safety Board ) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA” for Occupational Safety and Health Administration) about the petrochemical and refinery industry. Our expert refinery explosion lawyers have essential qualifications for an attorney to identify the parties responsible for an industrial accident and prepare a case against them.

Texas Attorneys with Experience Handling Petrochemical Industry and Refinery Accident Cases

Throughout the Gulf Coast region, including the greater Houston area and related cities, our attorneys have provided counseling services to workers injured by petrochemical and refinery accidents.

If your family suffered the tragedy of a petrochemical-related accident or a refinery accident that resulted in serious injury, physical disability, or death, Contact Law Offices of Zehl & Associates. Our Houston refinery explosion lawyers have not only experience in industrial accident cases but a passion for the pursuit of justice and intense loyalty to our clients.