AIKO TOMI – “Can’t Touch Me” out now

Songwriting as an expressive outlet has always been an important part of my life, but it’s only recently that my sound has begun to reflect my energy and eclectic range of influences.

My new single, “Can’t Touch Me,” is an unconventional banger for creatives-at-heart. It’s about artistic conviction overcoming doubt. I hope it can affirm, invigorate or recapture a surge of inspiration, especially for those pursuing more eccentric expressive lanes.

I do it for the love and you can’t touch me, encapsulates the song’s message. It’s a simple and reassuring phrase emphasizing that passion and perseverance are more powerful than any potential detractor.

I want us to feel empowered to create freely and raise a few eyebrows; not to be affected by the desire for external validation or fear of judgement. It’s when we focus on approaching our truest expression that our strongest work is created.

All this “be yourself” talk might sound cheesy, but it’s not always easy to fully embrace, and these days, I’m starting to appreciate the profundity of clichés. – Aiko Tomi