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Chicago rapper Lil Rap joins to the Swervnation label

Johnny Taylor, better known by his stage name Lil Rap, born on the west side of Chicago and started to rap recording his first verses at Dreadrock’s home studio. Now, the young rapper is ready to rise his career to the next level, starting with the release of his first single I’m Hot, whose music video will be released soon.

Artist: AWNI – Track: Been Lost

The name of the track is “Been Lost” and the intriguing use of melodies and sounds in this record will definitely catch your attention. I don’t want to say too much, I will let the track talk for itself, below is a link of the visuals and the track on YouTube and Spotify.

UNDER ATTACK “Virus Alert” @ Classic Metal | Hard Rock

Virus Alert is a concept album set in a dystopian future, the themes are very current such as the danger derived from a society where finance dominates, a world where mass manipulation techniques increasingly prevail. In this struggle for power all the wickedness that can inhabit man is manifested. In this Orwellian and apocalyptic world, the war for oppression occurs above all on an economic and social level.

Those who dominate the market, the banks and the media are those who hold true world power, power which then translates first into a ferocious dictatorship and finally into a world war, a war of the future where conventional weapons are associated with use of nuclear and battery weapons. All this evil seems to have the upper hand but the picture described by the songs lets us glimpse the light of a divine and supernatural intervention that will stop the madness of evil and self-destruction forever.

SECRET RULE Announce ‘Mother Earth’ Single Release From Upcoming New Album

SECRET RULE vocalist Angela Di Vincenzo says: “Even if we already released 2 albums in 2020 (one of them is a whole cover’s album), since this pandemic period has been very long, we had a lot of time to think and create new material. We had some tours planned and jump them gave us all the time to be creative and here we are with another album ready. I love the new songs, they are exactly what we wanted to play. I think our fans will be really happy to listen to them.” “At the same time, having more time meant to change our ideas continuously and it was hard to choose the first single because we like all our songs LOL but now we are sure to have done the right choice”.

LOVA announces debut album ‘Grown-ish’

Rising Swedish pop singer/songwriter LOVA announces her debut album, Grown-ish, arriving 22nd January 2021.

After generating over 80 million streams and provoking widespread critical acclaim, LOVA shares her very own cohesive coming-of-age body concept album. Underpinned by honest lyrics, unpredictable production, and undeniable hooks, she details her journey, writing straight from the heart without filter. At the same time, she exhibits endless empathy as she ponders what everyone is facing right now during a global pandemic.

SCREAM AT THE SKY Unleashes New Video For “World Of Hate.

Texas industrial/metal band SCREAM AT THE SKY has unleashed a brand new video for their song, “World Of Hate.” The track appears on SCREAM AT THE SKY’s self-titled EP which dropped in February of 2020.

The “World Of Hate” video was directed by Erik Gustafson courtesy of Erik Gustafson Cinematography and Brian Carter.


Blu made his mark via his Below The Heavens album alongside producer Exile. Founded by DJ A-OK, A-OK All Day is an independent hip-hop record label based on the Hawaiian island of Kauai which is “dedicated to a pure Hip Hop sound created with integrity and devotion.”

Amanotes opens up immersive musical gaming experiences for all as it reaches 1.4+ billion downloads milestone

With music being a key feature to enhance the user experience for many successful games and apps, Southeast Asia’s largest app publisher Amanotes has hit on a winning formula to combine musical content with new games; something which has seen it hit almost 100 million monthly active users from 191 countries and reach a milestone 1.4 billion+ downloads in total.

By keeping its focus firmly on the vision of making music an interactive experience for everyone, the company’s slogan ‘Everyone can music’ seeks to take music tech to the next level. It transcends the listening or streaming experience for something that allows the user to fully experience sound.

An increasing number of software and app developers are focusing on the important role played by music in enhancing the user experience, something that Amanotes has already leveraged to see it become number 1 music games publisher in the world.


True to his name, fast-rising rapper/singer TheHxliday is ringing in the new year with the celebratory BatBxy EP. The 19-year-old Baltimore artist demonstrates an uncanny knack for infectious, otherworldly melodies across the release’s six tracks, swooning and singing with an uplifting energy fitting for the birth of a new year.

The Dirty Nil Release New Album ‘Fuck Art’

Today, The Dirty Nil has kicked open the doors of 2021 with the release of Fuck Art (via Dine Alone Records), their new album that has jumpstarted the IDGAF attitude, self-aware shamelessness, and uproarious energy of full-throttle rock n roll.

The irreverent amp-blowing Juno-winning badasses have injected classic-rock heroism, pop-punk horsepower, ’80s indie scrappiness, ’90s alterna-crunch, and speed-metal adrenalin into this 11-track collection that balances its moments of astute emotional excavation with no-holds-barred joyousness.

Jay Das – Stitches | Skope Mag

ICYMI- Find Purpose in the Face of Loneliness with Kuwaisiana’s “Cymbal Of This City”

Kuwaisiana is a New Orleans based band led by Kuwaiti songwriter, +Aziz and they’re here to help us start the year on a high note! The band has shared “Cymbal of This City,” the second single off their upcoming EP, ‘Chapter 2,’ out January 15th.

Combining traditional Khaleeji rhythms with elements of ska, Sub-Saharan blues, and New Orleans brass music, “Cymbal of This City” is both danceable and poignant. With lyrics in English AND Arabic, the track examines +Aziz’s Arab identity through the lens of something we’ve all felt before- alienation.

KABBALAH: watch enigmatic new video “Night Comes Near” now!

Bow down, fanatics! Spain’s most exciting occult rockers KABBALAH deliver the thrilling second excerpt off their upcoming album ‘The Omen’ on Rebel Waves Records and Ripple Music. Watch the “Night Comes Near” video courtesy of Astral Noize website now!

“Kabbalah weave a certain uneasiness into their surprisingly catchy strain of doomy psych rock (…) The track displays the band’s ability to construct infectious riffs backed up by a certain bewitching atmosphere, as if the subtle melodicism is luring you in before the ominous swirling guitar work and solemn, ritualistic croons can ensnare you once and for all.” describe Astral Noize

Video Premiere: Kabbalah – Night Comes Near

Watchman – Doom Of Babylon – (Doom Metal)

In his 10 years in the music scene Roy Waterford has amassed many accomplishments. In his early days in the hip hop scene he shared stages with such acts as Mac Miller, Freddie Gibbs, and Ghostface Killah. More recently in the jam band scene he played several music festivals and toured the U.S for roughly two years. After departing from touring, he set his sights on Reggae music, writing and recording an album in three months and signing with an independent label in Cyprus. Now Roy has returned to his musical roots: heavy metal. Inspired by iconic bands like Black Sabbath and Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats, Waterford has created the musical persona of Watchman, and it is under this title that he will be releasing his debut album, “Doom of Babylon”.

Nique Got-It | “Mention Me”

“Mention Me” by NiqueGotIt is the next banger from the CMC Entertainment LLC, camp, and NiqueGotIt delivers as expected. Michigan native, rapper and recording artist NiqueGotIt is on a quest to the top. “I’m catching the vibe / controlling my peace / protecting my energy”…this bar sums it all up best no matter the test or obstacle NiqueGotIt is ready and able to make his mark. From a whispering hater, to the next to blow be sure to mention NiqueGotIt. Come catch the vibe for music and more follow NiqueGotIt on social media everywhere today!


“I wrote the first verse of this song on a plane about a year ago (can’t believe it’s been that long) when I was on tour playing shows. I came back to it and recorded it this Christmas Eve. The more it went on, lyrically, the more it became this kind of New Years tune. I think we all can agree 2020 was a real drag. But here we are in 2021. “Wake up, Brother/Sister/Change the world” Let’s put on our shoes and kick the fu**ing door open to tomorrow. Happy NY!” ~ Andrew Gabbard

Gaia Epicus – “Seventh Rising” – (Power Metal)

Gaia Epicus hails from Norway and released it’s 7th album called “Seventh Rising” the 17th. December 2020. The “band” or project if you will since it’s not been a full band in the last 10 years or more, has played concerts, festivals and toured in the following countries Norway, Sweden, UK & Scotland, USA and Spain.

Texas/Ohio duo El No (ex GBV, The Breeders, etc.) share video for “Shinin’ On Me,”

Born and raised during the apocalypse of 2020, El No is Nate Farley (Guided By Voices, The Amps, Robthebank, The Breeders) and Craig Nichols (Bellringer, Fur Coats, Dumbell, Shesus). Both with roots in the Dayton, Ohio, music scene, they are now both ex-pats living in Columbus, Ohio, and Austin, Texas, respectively.