Widower Jason Rosenthal: Practice acts of kindness, community to help with grief during the holidays

Holiday season is not ‘merry and bright’ for those who suffer from loss. Here’s how to help –

New York Times bestselling author Jason Rosenthal says we must remember those who are struggling during the holiday season with loneliness and isolation due to the loss of a loved one, and practicing small acts of kindness can help ease that burden for many.

“The holidays are portrayed in the media and in advertising as bright, sunny and filled with family and joy; however, for many people it is a reminder of a void,” Jason says. “Those of us who have experienced loss see these holidays as another milestone where we miss our loved ones and the traditional sense of family. The moments in between the holidays are tough enough, but these moments highlight the fact that someone is missing,” he says.

Jason became nationally known after his wife wrote a heart-wrenching essay for The New York Times days before her death from ovarian cancer. The “Modern Love” piece titled “You May Want to Marry My Husband” went viral reaching more than 5 million worldwide and encouraged Jason to find love again after her death.

Jason believes the holidays are a great time to reach out to those who may feel alone. Practice kindness, community and hope through simple acts such as sending a note, email or text to brightnesn to a person’s day.

He also advises family members to talk openly about their missing loved ones. “Share memories. This may induce tears, but guess what, that is healthy too. You will be creating new memories together so celebrate those as well,” he says.

Jason carries on his late wife’s legacy with his book My Wife Said You May Want to Marry Me. He is also the author of The New York Times #1 bestselling book Dear Boy in 2019 with his daughter, Paris Rosenthal. The work encouraged boys to believe in themselves and be open with their feelings and is a companion to Dear Girl, which Paris wrote with her mother in 2017.

Jason would like to share his thoughts on grief during the holiday season so he may be able to help others. Would this be of interest to you? I am happy to work with you on a placement or an interview with Jason. Let me know what works best.

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