Kristi Flagg is Back with a ‘Brave New View’

Kristi Flagg has been out of the music game since the late 90s, but she is back now and better than ever with her latest release, ‘Brave New View’. After many years away from the music scene, Kristi got an itch to write and create songs again proving you can’t keep a good singer/songwriter down! ‘Brave New View’ is Kristi’s rebirth, in a sense, as the shining artist sheds a newfound light on her musical journey. ‘Brave New View’ is the next chapter for Kristi Flagg and what an exciting one it is!

All 11 tracks on the new album are highly personal to Kristi inviting listeners to take part in her songs of sincerity. Kristi Flagg touched on the record perfectly here by saying: “Brave New View has a prayerful theme running through its veins: in liberating my own being, may I benefit others.” You will immediately sense that Kristi poured her blood, sweat & tears into this project and the end result is simply satisfying to the audience.

The album kicks off with “All I Got Mix” that provides an easy-going style, pleasing vocals and catchy melody. The title track is up next and what you get is soulfully-drenched vocals by Kristi bearing her soul to everyone. Track three, “Heart Skip A Beat”, provides a pleasant voice that instantly invites you in to go along with a happy-snappy beat & groove. A comforting spirit & presence is present on “If You Return To Me” and then you will find yourself fully embracing the emotional, soft touch on “In My Arms”. Get ready to “Just Hold Me” where you receive one captivating performance that offers an overload of feeling courtesy of Kristi Flagg. Next, brace yourself for a smooth ‘n’ sweet approach on “Let it All Come Tumbling” and then get hit with a convincing ‘n’ pronounced performance on “Lost In The Thought Of You” that is also thought-provoking. Track nine, “Our Story”, is a free-spirited, uplifting tune while the following track, “Shelter Me”, supplies a very strong delivery from Kristi that grabs a hold of you from beginning to end. The album ends on a bright note with “This Love” that is absolutely fulfilling and so loving in nature. You can also SKOPE out the official music video for “This Love” right here:

All songs were written by Kristi Flagg and the record was recorded, mixed & mastered by Tracy Walton at On Deck Sound Studio in Northfield, CT. I can’t forget to mention all of the talented musicians featured on ‘Brave New View’ who helped in bringing this album to life. Tracy Walton referenced that this new record is Kristi’s “Phoenix Rising” and to add to that statement, I say that it’s a newly discovered musical spirit from within Kristi Flagg that is on full display. I am happy and thankful to bear witness to this ‘Brave New View’ that Kristi has graciously bestowed upon US. I’ll end by saying ‘Brave New View’ to ALL and to ALL a goodnight. Welcome back Kristi Flagg!

By Jimmy Rae (