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Artist: Chopped Liver Bluegrass – Track: D.B Cooper

Chopped Liver’s second full-length album release, D.B. Cooper was released on November 24th, 2020 on all streaming platforms, and on CD. Most of the songs are original compositions, with a few bluegrass classics spread throughout. Recorded live in a single session, the songwriting is informed by the culture and landscape of their roots.

Oceans Of Slumber Releases Video For Acoustic Version Of “The Colors Of Grace”

US prog metal outfit Oceans Of Slumber releases a chilling acoustic version of “The Colors Of Grace”. Watch the video HERE.

“Where there is time, there is space to reimagine. In the idleness of a music industry halted, we were fortunate to make new connections and new friends capable of capturing not only our sound, but the essence of Oceans of Slumber unplugged. We bring you the “The Colors of Grace” an acoustic session with Hendyamps Studio,” states Oceans Of Slumber lead singer Cammie Gilbert.

Canadian Retrowave Artist RIOTRON Delivers Surprise Holiday Single “Silent Night Angel”

With over 13.5 million streams for his wonderfully weird ‘I’m Sorry’ video featuring actor/comedian Tom Green (watch it here), over 8 million views for his high concept “Dark Highway” clip, and acclaim for remixes by Wuki and Black Caviar, Canadian retrowave pop artist Riotron returns with a surprise holiday single titled “Silent Night Angel.”

Emerging artist Aaron Taos’ video for his track “Amnesia” premieres!

“I had just finished the mix for ‘Amnesia’ and then I had heard Saiah’s track ‘(BLACK)PLANET’ on Spotify’s Lorem playlist. I knew he’d be absolutely perfect on it so I DM’d him on Insta and sent him the song and he was down. I had been a huge fan of what Overcast had done for Saiah’s video for ‘(BLACK)PLANET’ as well as their stuff for Brakence and so I sent them the song as well. They loved it and within the month I was on a plane to Phoenix to shoot it with them. Inspired by a 70’s punk vibe, the video follows me around on a road trip with some fun characters, including cameos from Saiah and our friend PapichuloTeej. Working with Overcast was super fun and easy, they have a really talented team all living in one house out in the desert. It was a really invigorating and inspiring experience,” notes Taos.

Charly Jordan Reworks Riot Ten Collab “Wanna Go” on VIP Remix

Viral sensation Charly Jordan reworks her Riot Ten collaboration “Wanna Go” via her official VIP remix, introducing rhythmic tech house elements to the feel-good single.

Since making her electronic music debut earlier this year via “Blackstrap Molasses,” Charly has already amassed over a million streams on Spotify and tens of thousands of monthly listeners. Her quick rise was propelled by her feverish fanbase, which consists of millions of followers across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

Loney dear | new single Habibi (via Peter Gabriel label)

It’s the first new music from Loney dear – Swedish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Emil Svanängen – since 2017’s self-titled album.

“I’ll wave a white flag for you.”

Of the song, Svanängen says, “Habibi is a symbolic persona for all people seeking refuge in the world. For all people without a home. Merry Christmas Habibi.”

NEW VIDEO ALERT! W.E.T. “Got To Be About Love”

W.E.T truly epitomizes what melodic rock has become in the new decade. The key element at the foundation of W.E.T has always been to create a modern melodic hard rock sound that will drive the genre into the future. Combining powerhouse rhythms and top notch production (courtesy of Erik Martensson), the music is equally classic and contemporary. “Retransmission” is nothing else than an absolute milestone, which is well in keeping with the tradition established by the three amazing records that have preceded this one.


A standout track from a record that’s positively littered with them is Interlude (Loving The People). It is shared with a video directed by acclaimed US filmmaker Phillip Youmans who took home the Founders Prize at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2019 for his directorial debut. It’s a vivid, luminous, and carefree accompaniment to the track. Youmans reflected on the making of the video, explaining: “Listening to Interlude (Loving the People) feels like sunshine on my skin. This film is an escapist trip where young black people revel in the psychedelic experience. For me, Loving the People is about the adrenaline of unconfined love and joy, a celebration of black youth and imagination.”

A Caravan Christmas With Jealous Of The Birds

Jealous of the Birds – the musical project of Northern Ireland-based singer-songwriter Naomi Hamilton – has shared a video created by Hamilton showing the band performing a selection of classic holiday songs. Naomi shares, “After the strain of this year on the music industry and the world in general, we figured everyone’s ready for something a little more light-hearted and low stakes. Doing this Christmas DIY session in a caravan just felt like something fun to close out the year with and hopefully it brings people some joy.” Earlier this year Hamilton released Peninsula in September 2020 via Canvasback/Atlantic of which NPR’s Ann Powers said, “at the core are these beautifully constructed and evocative songs.”

Iranian émigré Hiatus meditates on life in metropolis with new single ‘Semblance’

Following on from the acclaim he received for his previous full-length ‘All The Troubled Hearts’ in 2017, London-based British-Iranian producer Hiatus returns to preview his forthcoming LP ‘Distancer’ with the stunning single ‘Semblance’, due out on the 11th December.

ATL’s Heathersett Deliver First Single, “Wick to Handle”

“I started a band, played some shows, started recording, and then the world went to hell.” says Heathersett vocalist/bassist, Craigan Hogeland.

The fall of 2019 was met with much optimism for the members of Heathersett (Craigan Hogeland – Vocals/Bass, Juergie Landstrom – Vocals/Guitar, Andy Torrey – Guitar, and Zack Mulazzi – Drums). Little did anyone in the world know what 2020 had in store. Fast forward a year later, and Heathersett is ready to debut their first single, “Wick to Handle” off their self-titled LP due out in 2021 on 59 X Records.


Today Matt Mays shares the video for the song “Talking to The Sky” from his latest album Dog City. The video is a collaboration between Matt and his friends Leah Fay and Peter Dreimanis of July Talk. Both Leah and Peter contributed vocals to the project.

Problemattik & Lex The Hexmaster Drop An East Coast Banger With New Lyric Video “What You Talkin’ Bout?”

New England’s underground rap ruffian Problemattik resurges with a new single and lyric video What You Talking’ Bout? featuring Lex The Hex Master (Majik Ninja Entertainment). The track aims to show versatility in their skills as they expand upon common ground. “Its taking two emcees who primarily operate in the juggalo scene and producing more of an east coast Hip Hop sound from the 90s” says Problemattik. The visuals are edited by Amina Mara and the song is produced by Boston’s esteemed The Arcitype who delivers another undeniably hard hitting beat. Check it out now on Youtube and your preferred digital streaming provider.

DC Spitter MoneyMarr Announces Next Project, Duels with Rah Swish in “War”

MoneyMarr unleashes his rhymes in high-energy torrents, running roughshod over instrumentals with his lockstep cadences. Taking steps to turn his meteoric rise into long-term gains, MoneyMarr announces Millionaire Mindset, his upcoming project.

Caravan Palace ‘Supersonics’ NEW VIDEO

‘Supersonics’ is taken from the band’s hit album ‘Chronologic’. Two years hunkered down in their subterranean Parisian studio resulted in a record that is joyous, high-spirited and so distinctly Caravan Palace. The musical virtuosity of the band combined with their panache, flair and genuine joy in performing live is evident at their awe-inducing sold out headline shows.

Artist: iamsimplykevinturner – Track: I Can’t Breathe

Born and Raised on the South side of Chicago, iamsimplykevinturner managed to turn all the dirt he was given and transform it into Diamonds. With his unique flow and authentic content IamsimplyKevinturner takes you on a journey through his life

Artist: Jay Burna & Fetty Wap – Track: Jamaica

Jay Burna singer song writer/ born in Los Angeles raised in Broward County , Florida/ its melodic vibe with a bounce/ real life inspires me/ you should listen to my music because it makes you feel good and motivates

Jamaica featuring Fetty Wap is the latest single! It’s sounds like a pop and Afro beat fusion, It’s inspired by beautiful women and tropical weather, It’s about a girl making me feel high like I’m in Jamaica.


Public Enemy’s single “GRID” featuring Cypress Hill and George Clinton is a post-apocalyptic view of the world after it collapses into a technological desert after the “grid goes down” and, today, the legendary group shares the official video for the track. Directed by David C. Snyder, the video for “GRID” is the latest to come from PE’s recent critically-acclaimed album, What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down?, and includes footage from their performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Nightly Releases ‘time online’ Official Video

Nashville-based band Nightly releases the music video for their track ‘time online’, which premiered on Friday exclusively on the popular MTV Friday Livestream.

The track, from the band’s debut album night, love you., is a reflective and poignant insight into how we use social media. Touching on themes like comparison, mental health, and showing off on social media, the music video mimics the different personas people create (and curate) online.

LAMB OF GOD Closes Out Year by Topping Radio Charts and Magazine ‘Best Of’ Lists Around the Globe

LAMB OF GOD’s first new album in five years met with universal acclaim – not only among major rock journalists, but with all strata of metal fans around the world.

Released June 19 via Epic Records, reaction to Lamb Of God has been overwhelmingly positive. But critics, media and the industry aside, perhaps the most telling statistic is the year-end US Metal Radio chart, where the new album dominated at #1 by a massive margin (over 2,000 more spins than the album at #2). Lamb Of God spent nine weeks in the #1 spot and never left the top 10 since debuting on the chart in February. Metal Radio is the lifeblood of the US metal world, largely staffed by college students and regional tastemakers, playing the music that they know their local metal fans want to hear.