Nigerians are obsessed with playing the lottery. As gambling is allowed in Nigeria and it can yield huge compensation. Nigeria does not have a particular rule or law that covers everything related to gambling. Nonetheless, are Acts that contain certain arrangements or statements for gambling in the country, which is the place where Nigerian lottery gambling rules become possibly the most important factor.

Popular Lotteries

The most popular lotteries in Nigeria are under as:

Gob Lotto

In Nigeria, It is the most famous and commonly played lottery. It has a huge number of shops and POS terminals installed across the country. From there, you can buy lottery tickets and can win big prizes. Gob Lotto is also known for these games:

  • Two Sure and Permutation
  • Three Direct and Banker

Visit the site These games are played by choosing some numbers which range from 1 – 90. All these numbers are selected based on the NAP. For example, Two Sure and Permutation (NAP 2) needs only two numbers selected from the range of numbers between 1 – 90. And by this game, you can earn 100 times more money from the original money you have invested. 

This administrator has gained a lot of popularity for their reasonable price and instant paying out winning ticketholders. To guarantee its straightforwardness and that it holds the responsible play policies, Gab Lotto works with the NLRC, also with the regarded state lottery authorities which include the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB).

Anambra State Gaming Company

In 2016, the formation of the Anambra State Gaming Company (ASGC), the Nigerian state of Anambra’s official gaming operator, is completed by the joint partnership between Global Gaming Co. Ltd and the Anambra State Government. Browse on the site  

Out of other gambling activities, this gaming company (ASGC) operates a state lottery, casinos, pools, raffle, slots, and sports betting. This company has yielded a bunch of modest millionaires, which is the reason it attracts a lot of the public weekly. Its launch was a wide success, as informal exchange gave the recently formed state lottery, as huge purchases among major players in the state, who are anxious to win, can change their life through the purchase of their reasonable tickets.

Superior Games Ltd

Another leading Nigerian lotto operator is Superior Games Ltd., and it is organized by the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB) under the agreement of the Lagos State Lotteries Law 2004. It is famous for its two lottery brands which are:

  • Superior Bet
  • Big Games

Where Superior Bet offers players the chance to ager in different games, for example, football, tennis, virtual horse, and dog racing. While Big Games is the highly successful lottery arm, which draws a huge number of players weekly.

Global Games, Mega Millions, and Super Games, Big Games, these three fixed lotto games have become very famous in the Nigerian lottery scene since their launch.

Nigerian Lotto

It is the most played lottery. It is pretty simple to play this game. It follows a specific structure which is 1/49. Players can only select numbers between 1 to 49. It is a national lottery and is played on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The highest prize drawn on Wednesday is 8621 US dollars which is equal to up to 1 million nairas and on Saturdays, the highest prize drawn is 17242 US dollars which is equal to up to 2 million nairas. 

Quick Play

This game is also offered to Nigerians. The players do not need to choose any of the six numbers, for them all these six numbers are generated automatically.  This game is also played on Wednesdays and Saturdays only.