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Check out HADEES MARKET “(Christmas) Through the Glass”!

Rosedale, WA based Alternative Rock band HADEES MARKET has released their tragically inspired single, “(Christmas) Through the Glass.” Paired with a haunting visualizer that reflects the current austerity of many American families’ Christmas experience of isolation this year, both visually and lyrically memorializing the agonizing desolation of many reflecting on the traditional significance of the Holiday season, digital sales of “(Christmas) Through the Glass” benefitting COVID Relief Efforts.

EMPIIRES Release “Love or Hate”

Hard Rocking band EMPIIRES releases their single “Love or Hate” with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves.
EMPIIRES is leveling the hard rock sound across Texas and beyond the wide Texan range, knocking down the borders with their own unique brand. “Love or Hate” hits the rock riffs and hooks you across the fist-pumping Texas-size horns up into the air! A track to kick the rock n roll sky high and over the Lone Star state into your neck of the woods!


GRAMMY® Award winning duo Twenty One Pilots have scored one more accolade in the final moments of 2020, officially breaking the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD™ for the longest music video with their history-making regenerative visual for hit single “Level of Concern.” Conceived by the band with interactive director Jason Nickel, and award-winning storyteller / director Jason Zada, the first-ever ‘Never-Ending Music Video’ pulled in fan created content from over 162,000 user submissions, in real time, live on YouTube. Powered by Imposium, every three minutes and forty seconds a new music video was created and streamed live to YouTube, containing brand new content from fans. Rolling Stone called the video, “an elaborate and impressive digital feat in and of itself,” while Variety spoke to Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots in-depth about the record-breaking visual.

Twenty One Pilots Share ‘Never-Ending’ Music Video for ‘Level of Concern’

Artist: Jonevill Flizzay – Track: Clicked Off

Getting into music for Jonevill Flizzay was a necessity because he saw it as a way of keeping him and his little brother out of the streets. Born and raised in Memphis, Jonevill’s natural talent in music was complimented by his perseverance and need to continue making music. His listeners have also resonated with this quality and given him a positive response about it. While Jonevill has not played at big venues, he has been doing the trench work necessary like open mics all around Memphis. He has also done features with other artists, including Locodunit 1/2 of Seed Of Six DJ Paul’s Nephews, K-Fixx of Dread Gang and Mike Kaoz of Kaotic Klique.

XL The Beast (The Kreators) Has Had Enough Of The Social Climate With New Video “Desolation”

XL The Beast (The Kreators) returns after his last verbal assault on Sucker Punch Feat. Rockness Monsta (Health Skeltah), Reks, and Lord Vital with a new visual single Desolation. Produced by Rain and directed by Robert Turner, the video has XL in his work element operating heavy equipment over barren land. The song is aimed and takes shots at the negative social climate that can exist. “I simply had enough of everyone and everything when I wrote it. It was a time when I wanted to tell everyone to shut the f*ck up” says XL. The track will be featured on his Heavy Hands LP coming soon. Check out the video now and on your preferred digital streaming provider.

Artist: Hollie LA – Track: Last Christmas

Hollie LA made her recording debut with “Unlocked,” a 6 song EP that showcases some of her most memorable recordings. One thing Hollie doesn’t do is put herself in a box – “I create and write music that reflects who I am and not what everyone else is doing at the moment.” Together with music producer Kosta Lois, Hollie LA released the EP on Unlocked Records. Hollie’s lyrics and melodies at times are saucy -very tongue and cheek – just listen to “Domesticate It” and “Love Debt” for a taste! On the flip side, her ballads such as “Invisible Chains” and “Fame,” expose a more serious and vulnerable side.

Artist: Anuryzm – Track: Ruby Demon

By mid-2019, the band hit a setback after long-time vocalist Nadeem Bibby parted ways with Anuryzm due to artistic differences. And after an exhaustive search to find a new vocalist, John and Jay eventually turned to Will Patterson, an Anuryzm-alumnus from John’s days in Toronto, and invited him on board to handle all vocal duties. Today, Anuryzm is back on track to work on its much-anticipated third record, slated for release in late 2021.

Add Folk Uke’s original song “All I Want for Christmas (Is You to Leave)” to Christmas Playlists

The singing, songwriting and ukulele and guitar strumming duo of Amy Nelson and Cathy Guthrie, known as Folk Uke, boast a fascinating stylistic DNA with distinctive and winning twists to it. With endearingly sweet and lovely vocals and melodies, they adeptly craft and deliver original songs that can be provocative, profane and pointed as well as uproariously funny.

LAMENT CITYSCAPE: Heavy Industrial collective’s final chapter of the Wet EP trilogy out now

On the winter solstice (December 21st), heavy industrial collective Lament Cityscape drops, The Old Wet, the final chapter of their Wet EP trilogy.

“‘The Old Wet’ is really the accepting and embracing of a new form or role. ‘The New Wet’ and ‘The Pulsing Wet ‘were both fighting against, and fearing, the inevitable transition,” informs Mike McClatchey, the architect of the Buffalo, WY-based unit.

IONOPHORE: Oakland/London-Based Cinematic Ambient Trio To Release Fourth Album

IONOPHORE is the project of the Bay Area/London-based multi-instrumentalists Leila Abdul-Rauf (Vastum, Hammers Of Misfortune, Terebellum), Janek Hendrich (Qepe, Not Quite So, Betterthief), and Ryan Honaker (Souls And Cities, Betterthief). Formed in 2012, the trio continues to weave their trademark cinematic dark electronics and organic elements, melding the orchestral strings of Honaker with the horns and voice of Abdul-Rauf, embellished with the electronic flourishes of Hendrich.

Lil Freaky feat. Future – 27 Birdz [DJ Pack]

COMATOSE: Minnesota Atmospheric Rock Unit Addresses Mental Health In New Track Now Streaming At MetalSucks

MetalSucks is currently streaming “Spread” from Minnesota-based atmospheric rock/grungegaze unit COMATOSE. The track comes by way of the band’s A Way Back debut, set for release January 22nd, 2021 via Transcending Records.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Zach Zurn at Carpet Booth Studios, A Way Back is the sound of the existential dread of musicians in 2020 who’ve had their way of life quite literally torn apart by the chaos of the year. Thankfully, one can easily melt into the lush melody and reverb or fall into the despair of the delay laden vocals through the diverse, yet familiar album that will likely bring listeners back to the mid-1990s without sounding dated or derivative.

Track Premiere: Comatose, “Spread” (Members of Chrome Waves, Amiensus, Fail to Decay)


GRAMMY Museum ExperienceTM Prudential Center along with proud founding partner, Prudential Financial, Inc., as well as the City of Newark, Newark Arts, Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District and Baldwin Equities with Striker Leasing have announced the completion of the Whitney Houston glass mosaic mural, which is located in Newark’s Central Ward on one of the facades of a new luxury apartment building at 45 William Street. Newark-based Artist Maude Lemaire who specializes in beautifully-crafted hand-cut glass mosaic murals was selected to create the installation.

The new luxury apartment project at 45 William in Newark is managed by Michelle Streicher broker of record at Striker Leasing who says “the new mural has become an iconic new landmark in our city.”

2020 just got ‘Better’ by Bitter Defeat

“‘Better’ is a happy song about crappy things ending” said Rob Shirlow the songs writer. “More specifically relationships and things in your life that are totally toxic but for some reason you don’t see it or don’t want to see it, or just can’t imagine that this thing which you think you really love or is important to you is actually really bad for you and messing you up and then it ends. The joy that comes from being released from such awful situations can be quite immense, and that’s what this song is about, really. It’s not about one specific relationship, more a theme of past experiences, some work situations of the past, social groups or ‘friends’ you realise were just truly awful things in your life…when they end, the big breathe out and ‘Oh my god what was I thinking!?’ moments.” Shirlow goes on to say “Musically it starts off a bit Britpop of all things, but I like to think we channel The Clash once it gets going. It’s a favourite to play live and is cathartic to sing and just let it all go!”

Natalie Carr releases official music video for “Blue Lights’

Natalie Carr takes influence from R&B, Pop, and Country music to create the innovative, sultry, new-age Pop/R&B artist creatively merging sounds within the North Carolina music scene. Following on from the release of her previous single, “Sad Little Rant“, the Charlotte native has returned with a much slower, and toned done song, although, the message and visuals do speak for themselves with Natalie exploring the notion of doomed love.

Vicky Chand – “Can’t Deny It” (Official Music Video) Out Now!

New Video! Don Gritty “Waste No Time”

Surviving a past filled with unfortunate situations, Rap Phenom Don Gritty takes to the mic to express his journey and most of all artistic creativity. Not falling into the statistical reality of his peers, Don Gritty finds healing in music. Channeling his love of the beat with his will to overcome Don Gritty is redefining what it is to be Phenomenal.

out today: LIPSHOK (USA) “Shadows Of A Dark Heart” @ Gothic Rock | Symphonic Metal

Welcome to the world of Lipshok where magic is real, traveling to alternate dimensions is possible, the wind carries messages for the future, and mythical creatures roam the earth. This is their newest CD Shadows Of A Dark Heart in a nutshell. This music will take you away from reality and bring you a new reality. The songs are intense and compelling with rich stories and incredible harmonies and haunting melodies.

NEW SINGLE! LE LAC LONG 814 creates French chansons out of Swedish poetry!

The Swedish folk duo Le Lac Long 814 continues their alchemy mission, creating French chansons out of Swedish poetry. Today the duo – formed by the poet Bengt Söderhäll and singer, musician and composer Daniel Östersjö – celebrates the release of their new EP La boîte (in English: The Music Box, in Swedish: Speldosan) with an online concert, broadcasted live from Söderhäll’s place in Mon, Sweden sur la rîve gauche du lac long!