Self-made Millionaire Bryan Legend Just Launched A New Cryptocurrency

Living life on streets and struggling hard to achieve your goals in life with the responsibility of a family to take care of is not easy. Bryan Legend spent his teenage years in such circumstances with the hope of a bright and successful future.

About Bryan Legend

Clever Defi’s CEO Bryan Legend, told Business Insider that there is a lot of enthusiasm about the potential of the company as it is positioned very uniquely to be able to deliver on point. He has launched the world’s first automatic interest paying decentralized cryptocurrency; CLEVER. which forms a distributed open-source payment protocol for making instant payments with low fees than traditional services.

Bryan aims to use blockchain to speed up cross-border money transmissions and bank payments through the use of DeFi Technology. Presently, most of those transactions are assisted on different platforms of cryptocurrency. All the older networks that can frequently take days to send currency globally, with high charges. But Bryan has introduced an extremely popular network on the basis of its own settlement structure and the currency is poised to explode in price.

CLEVER is a DeFi protocol that can distribute Automatic interest payments to the users who have CLVA Token.


The CLEVER network is safe to use and is completely decentralized. Working in the best interests of users, this framework is ideal to use without any hassle.

Banks charge you for handling your money when they take your cash and give you a small amount of interest in the form of a percentage. Then, they directly lend it to other individuals, taking all the profits from the interest on the loan. Some of the perks of using CLEVER are here:

  • No locking of your funds
  • Options to choose how to pay or get your interest
  • No minimum deposit

Moreover, CLEVER allows its users to yield up to 80.6% interest each year, taking the bank entirely out of the equation. It is both a currency and a payment system. The payment method enables the fund transfer in CLVA to another user within seconds.